Capcoms leaks aren’t exactly making an impact yet

You probably know that a group named Ragna Locker has been releasing materials that they have gained from Capcom’s servers via ransomware on their website. There’s little question on the legality of these files or actions, this isn’t their first rodeo with this stuff. They have other companies under their thumb, and ultimately the amount of releases kind of spell a story that most companies don’t really seem to care if their security has been breached, or that they’re just unwilling to pay for their data and further patch up security on their servers. For Capcom, it seems the group hit their archive server, as the material that’s on the released files range from source code to Devil May Cry 2, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and to Misadventures of Tronne Bonne (there’s a whole thread about that) all the way up to upcoming releases and plans for collections and games in development listed in various files, as well as proper confirmation that Street Fighter VI has been under development for some time, but we’ve heard more or less confirmed rumours of this for some time. The word I’ve seen is that Ono’s version of SFVI was overtly reliant on team mechanics, and was effectively scrapped. Hence him being kicked off from the perch and Street Fighter V got an extended season for one more year. As you can see with the last link, Capcom has also gone after some of the more known examples and DMCA’d the material, but sites like Nichegamer have gone untouched. They’ve covered the leaks to a large extent, (with more stuff about what I’ll describe below), which I’d recommend checking if you find me unusually obnoxious

Other stuff found in the leaks has shown Google paying Capcom about ten million USD to have Resident Evil 7 and 8 on the Stadia, with Sony paying five million USD for a VR demo and timed exclusivity. The upcoming and somewhat hyped Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch was also confirmed to get a Steam release about a year later, making this title also a timed exclusive for the system. Whether or not Nintendo paid for them to do so, or this was Capcom’s internal decision, wasn’t confirmed either way in the leaks. There are also numerous slides about Capcom internally shifting towards a global view more than they already have. A PowerPoint presentation in the leak has made an emphasize for political correct material to be heavily considered in advertising material and in products as well as putting emphasis on language that would be equitable and fair in order to even hint social discrimination of anything. Even to the point of considering dropping items and words that certain groups of people might find objectionable from games themselves, like avoiding the use of alcohol, pork and blood as items or even on-screen because, for example, Muslims might find such things offensive. On the other hand, the same slides also recommend not using any iconography relating to Nazism and war, which would include not showcasing the swastika, which has a version in Buddhist symbology as Manji. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that what is considered non-problematic in Japan may be regulated in other countries. Interestingly, these slides seem to be only a few months old, as they refer to The Last of Us 2 as a positive example, something that’s a slight riot in itself. While this sounds nice and proper, it comes from a place that wishes to dictate all content and take out whatever edge there might be, dulling the creativity these products might otherwise have. It’s taking the customers’ agency away as well, as it doesn’t trust the customer to be sensible enough to make their own decisions on the matters, opting instead to make what is and isn’t sensible for them. God forbid a corporation to make a product for a targeted group. There is constantly growing consumer base who willingly concentrate on Japanese games due to their design philosophies and content, and willingly to water down their products will impact sales negatively for products that mainly follow Japanese trends. Imagine if your favourite Japanese piece was made to specifically cater to Spain or Wisconsin.

One of my favourite bits is the recommendation of adding an Autoplay Mode, with Catherine: Full Body being used as an example, where the player would have a mode in which, unsurprisingly, the game would clear a stage by itself. Young American consumers were used as an example of a possible target audience. Underestimating your audience at this best. There are better targets for this kind of mode.

With the files that are most easy to download from Ragna’s site also shows how Capcom isn’t exactly the nicest corporation around with tidbits here and there, with further materials supposedly in the main bulk further showing that, as a company, they’re no better or worse than Konami or SEGA. As one anonymous user said, it has to be given to Capcom how much they have balls to let all this data out and not really give a damn outside their usual announcements. Outside a few incident files easily accessible on Ragna Locker’s site that they showcase, other stuff that’s a bit underhanded is regarding what they call ambassadors, aka streamers, to turn them into believers. This would give Capcom a PR channel similar to other companies and a way to gain a cheap yet effective marketing core. Don’t hit the high-end streamer that’ll drop a game after the contract ends, but hit those who mid-level people who are trying to gather an audience. It makes sense for sure, but more often than not a streamer or a blogger has to cover their agreements to some extent, as being frank about them playing a game as an advertisement doesn’t usually bode well.

That said, just to cover my own ass a bit I won’t post images or links. The main bulk information and images have been spread around the Internet already, including all that I’ve mentioned above and then some. Ranga Locker is slowly publishing new files, which contain more information all around but seeing you need to use Tor Browser to download any of it, which takes few days per file. Even then you’d be better off questioning whether or not you want to have any of these files on your HDD due to the nature of their acquisition. If you do, just be sure to run anything and everything you do in a separate OS designed for security. You never know what the hell’s inside these files.

Nevertheless, nothing much has burned Capcom yet in these leaks thus far. The political correctness training and pushing that to the front has been clear for years, but its ‘confirmation’ of sorts has caused all sorts of voices to come out. People have been more eager, if not even hyped, to read upcoming titles from the listed games, which include titles like Final Fight Remake for July-September 2024 and Dragon’s Dogma 2 for 2022. The showcase of New Ace Attorney games getting a collected release has also made people all sorts of happy. There’s all sort of info in the leak, of which you can either check yourself or hit your favourite discussion groups on forums and imageboards. Who would’ve thought that transparency, even forced one, would only end up making your customers look for the final products more. The thing is, Capcom was very vocal about Mega Man Legends 3′s development despite the game wasn’t fully greenlit, and it effectively blew in their collective faces and was a sort of PR nightmare for who week before non-Mega Man fans moved onwards. You can still see remnants of the game’s play and engine in Gaist Crusher series,

What this leak mostly impacts is the security of their employees’ information being endangered, embarrassing investors and damaging some of their corporate partners in terms of trust and security. At least for now, as Ragna Locker might still have much more material than they haven’t put out. The more people put the materials out, the more chance there are that some darker corporate secret might get out. After all, we’re seeing some glimpses in the current leaks about Capcom, but the reality behind the veil is always twice worse.

As for the hacking and leaking group itself, Ragna Locker seems to be a rather fresh team of people and already hitting notable corporations. Whether or not they have taken their own security into account well enough will remain to be seen, but the pace they are putting material out is concerning. The modern world takes cybersecurity rather more seriously than a decade or two ago, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think Interpol might get interested in them if this rate of intrusions continues. Whether or not they have covered their tracks in each case well enough will remain to be seen. As for now, enjoy whatever stuff you manage to gather up. Despite whatever baggage these leaks carry over them, they are a goldmine for the consumer to see and learn about Capcom themselves and of their plans and nature, much like how Sony email leaks were a few years back. It’s a chance not to be missed.


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