Digimon Design Evolution

What’s this? No Aaltomies? No! A guest post by some random internet dweeb. The name is A9 and I sometimes work behind the shadows to read some posts over from Aaltomies before they are published. A while ago he asked me to write my own thing, and after postponing it for a long time (sorry … Continue reading Digimon Design Evolution

Star Trek Enterprise – What it should have been (Part 1)

Hey there! Editor and guest post writer A9 here, known from the Digimon posts ( 1 2 3 4 ) and a long ramble about Mass Effect. I promised to write Aaltomies something while he was moving, but I couldn’t quite deliver on time. Plus it got split up into parts because I’m not a … Continue reading Star Trek Enterprise – What it should have been (Part 1)

Music of the Month; Dare ni demo aru ashita

It’s been some time I last sat down to type things down, but all things must come to an end and other things begin from it. The month’s break came in good use, I would’ve otherwise found myself a kind of nervous wreck you see some people being, burning themselves down for no good reason. … Continue reading Music of the Month; Dare ni demo aru ashita

Music of the Month; Guilty

A rare guest spot strikes again, since Aaltomies is busy moving to his new place! Congratulations! On the flipside. that means I have to find some subject to ramble about a little, so bear with me. Let’s start with the new Digimon series, a reboot of Adventure. Honestly, when the series was announced I expected … Continue reading Music of the Month; Guilty

Slaves to the Screen

Modern gaming doesn’t know how to use the screen. Whatever game you pick up from the store shelf, you know you’ll get a game that fills your screen of choice. The size of the picture doesn’t change, it’s homogenous in whatever game you choose. Resolution between 720p or 1080i might be different, yet the aspect … Continue reading Slaves to the Screen

Remakes appease the creators, not the audience

Discussing remakes, reboots and reimaginings seems to be relevant again with Final Fantasy VII Remake and Digimon Adventure (2020) hitting the streets. The two are splitting opinions, just like any other remake or reboot, soft or hard, that have been coming out way for the last decade and then some. In an old post that … Continue reading Remakes appease the creators, not the audience

Iterations vs innovations

The two things in the title do not exclude each other, but for the sake of argument let’s consider them as two things that don’t exactly mesh. Why? Because when we consider video and computer game sequels, we often see both practiced quite a lot, and there’s no real cohesion which one the consumer prefers, … Continue reading Iterations vs innovations

GDP – Gabumon Design Progression

Sorry, no Aalt today, A9 to the rescue. You guessed it, time for another Digimon design post. What a cute little bugger. Like all early Digimon, Gabumon had its sprite designed first. The actual drawing and finalised design only comes later. As usual, the first sprite comes from the Pendulum toys with its small displays. … Continue reading GDP – Gabumon Design Progression