Craftsman and beyond; the purpose of this site

A popular opinion on the question What is art? is that anything can be taken as art. If this is so, then art has no value or meaning.

An artist is a person who creates for the sake of creation and imagination, using that romantic take on inspiration. In the morning they are able to ask themselves What should do today? A craftsman does not hold this luxury as he is one step higher than artist. He creates for the purpose of fulfilling the wants and needs of those of others, thus he needs to be skilled and well versed in his craft as well as have high amount of knowledge on anything concerning his customers and methods of serving them.

‘Too many times a person who needs to be craftsman acts and works like a selfish artist with negative results.

This site is written from this perspective. It will observe and comment on events within different forms on media, but will mainly observe the electronic gaming industry due to its young nature as compared to music or film industry. The writer of this site will aim to remove most of his personal views and opinions. If these personal takes are used, the writer aims to make a clear distinction between removed observation and personal view.

Ultimately, the meaning of this site is to make the reader to ponder from other side of the issue, if applicable. Thus, the writing style uses antagonising and provoking manner, with some dry humour thrown in there… which fails more often than it should.

More rarely the site will be updated with a review of various products to bring change of pace. Another issue is âge’s Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Muv-Luv series, which will be commented from time to time in different manners. As such, there is a variety of subjects to read through.

The site is updated twice a week on varying days, thou due to nature of general life, there may be more or less updates depending whether or not there is a need or time. Normally, there would be one early in the week and one during the weekends.

You should also note that I tend to do loads of linking, and whenever I do massive links in a row, I suggest you to check them. Trust comes easy on the Internet, and not all links I give out are valid. Call it a social test of sorts to see whether or not there are any readers about, or if anyone catches them.

If there is a need to contact me via personal messaging, send an e-mail to kiminozoguy at protonmail com. Depending on the e-mail, it may be answered as a blog post.


Comment Section Policy

You are free to comment any post within the blog. However, due to spam there is an approval period. This spam is often traditional genitalia enlargement spam or brothel services.

It is encouraged to comment in constructive way. However, if comments are made in bad taste, replies will most likely be in dickish fashion.

I would request all commentators to open a dialogue. This is to encourage discussion on matters and events further than what any blog post.


This was the old splashtext used for the first three years of the blog. It is saved to remind us that things will change for better or worse.

A good artist is a service provider;

Art is service to the people and artists are in the service industry. This point is largely forgotten by everyone, even by the artists themselves. This blog is to dwell into multiple cultural phenomena from both service providers’ and end users point of view with a dash of business approach.

To make it short, a good artist should aim to become a good craftsman; the one who provides good service. Great artists are also great craftsmen.
Granted, I will be speaking a lot about video games for my own reasons, but at times I will speak of other things as well.
Ultimately, this blog is meant for general cultural phenomena’s.
Scratch that, because of CAPCOM this has transformed into a rageblog
The goal is to coherently dwell into the world of culture and subculture in different ways.

So, go read the read more. I’m sure you’ll find something infuriating, something to laugh at and something interesting.

One thought on “Craftsman and beyond; the purpose of this site

  1. I see your effort. I see you, in your heart, (instinct) ideas wanting to take a ‘leap of faith’ into the brutal reality of contemporary aesthetic analysis, yet I read your brain as masochistic in the suppression of this temporal truth.
    From the beginning you already, at first sentence, arrive at this Truth. And in the following pages you paint yourself into a trap; that of circling the initial phrase, which is that notion of Art as unintelligible, repeatedly side stepping, and repressing it until finally transferring the notion of the 21st century artist as craftsman.
    But, retroactively this dialectical procession leads, in its reasoning, towards an answer which is stumbled upon through the negating of its own question.
    This method which you have sketched is important in its form, because the question is paralleled formally with the answers object.

    If by your reasoning we continue, the craftsman is not an artist, yet the artist as a genus of species gives birth to the craftsman. The craftsman cannot be an artist when he is reigned capriciouslly by the chains of a market economy. And this is the 21st century’s artists object

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