See this here? This is an official product right here

This here. This thing right here. This… thing.


This is what you call ART. This is people doing shit for the sake of shit, or art for the sake of art. You like it don’t you? All of CREATIVITY, all of this ARTISTIC approach.

It’s a fucking Social RPG.

This shit is on the same level as those sprite comics that flock the Internet. This is what happens when they just don’t care any more. Mega Man, the flagship and unofficial mascot of CAPCOM, is now nothing more than a fucking iPad side project. Why does this game even matter, you ask. Do notice that it is an anniversary project. On a fucking iPad.

Granted, whoever owns CAPCOM nowadays doesn’t give two shits how his company is doing. If you check CAPCOM’s stock values from the last five years, you see that they’ve been falling all the time, and they continue to fall because of shit like this and DMC Devil May Cry. What the fuck’s with the new Devil May Cry name anyway? It’s Devil May Cry Devil May Cry if you want to be accurate about and the developer is idiot enough out his own goddamn face unto Dante’s, but this isn’t DMC post, this is how CAPCOM managed to fuck Mega Man in the ass once more. No, this is about the industry at large as well.

CAPCOM, do you enjoy NOT getting money? Do you enjoy losing money? Are you not happy that I would like to give you money?

Just like Nintendo, CAPCOM doesn’t care any more. They’re doing whatever they want to do; art for the sake of art. And what we have because of that? Bunch of shitty games that do not sell.

Rockman Crossover is nothing short of completely stupid shit that nobody wanted or expected. Just like modern Zelda, the new NSMB for the 3DS or Metroid Other M. This is the same level of incompetent shit that eventually lead into the Second Crash of the video game industry in the 80’s. And you know what? CAPCOM isn’t strong enough to survive the crash, not without arcades. And arcades are dead. Barcades do no count as they do not get new arcade games but old arcade games from eBay and closing stores. CAPCOM isn’t going to see a dime from those profits, unless they start producing CPS-2 boards again.

Y’know what? I’m tired of seeing this shit, I’m tired of bad games. I know you are too.

I’m not a game apologist. Modern games are shit. It’s a big industry allright, but fuck that when the products they sell are not selling. What’s the profit like when your product takes six fucking years to make and takes millions upon millions from your pocket, and then sits in the store shelves for another six years and doesn’t sell. Whenever I got a local store here I see Skyward Sword there, slashed in price and it doesn’t sell. I see six copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy at 55€ and it doesn’t sell. I would’ve bought this if it was just Metroid Prime for Wii. I’m not paying for shit like Prime 2 and 3. I see The Last Story and Xenoblade selling, and so does Pandora’s Tower. Then I see the exact same copy of motherfucking Super Mario Galaxy on the shelf that has been sitting there from Day 1. But there’s no hints of New Super Mario Bros or the collection. They’ve all sold out.

Crash the industry. We’ve got enough good games for now. Let the industry crash and burn for five to fifteen years. It’ll rise from the ashes when people are starting to craft games again for us, not making art for themselves.

Excuse me for now, I think I have something in my eye.