Walk away, so you can lift your arms another day

Orbital Divers who have survived until their third re-entry are called Chickens. These are the soldiers who have been dropped unto a Hive and have survived that, and turned their backs in the moment of despair only to live another day. They are survivors, and they carry the unfulfilled duties their past comrades.

The survival rate of Orbital Divers is 20%.

Orbital Diver’s mission is to land from orbit on top of BETA Hive, infiltrate it and take command of it or destroy the Reactor inside.

Needless to say, Orbital Divers’ biggest threat at first is the Heavy Laser Class. During the drop there’s very little room to maneuver when you’re dropping at supersonic speeds towards the Earth. Only the heavy metal cloud will be their protection… and even that may fail. Then there’s reaching the Hive, and the BETA themselves.

The average survival time of TSF pilots is eight minutes. Orbital Divers has even less, as even before entering the atmosphere the Heavy Laser Class BETA will aim at you from the surface and shoot.

To put it simply; Orbital Divers are soldiers sent on suicide missions, and they accept them without a word. Their roles in combat are without a doubt are one of the most important.

Muv-Luv Alternative; Chicken Divers is a short visual novel regarding one group of Orbital Divers who all have survived their first two drops. The story is narrated by Aquila 1, leader of the group, who reminisces over his two first missions, and people who he has lost during those missions. We see him trembling as he waits for the word for mission start. We see him smiling when the mission is starting. We see him becoming ever more determined as he enters the warzone with wingmen.
The Chicken Divers enter Sadogashima, where the 6th Orbital Dive Corp was completely annihilated. Due to the deployment of a G-Bomb, the was nothing to rescue. The casualties was 100%, worst rate on any dive operation.

Nothing was left of Sadogashima, or so was thought…

Even if operation on Sadogashima was a failure, and the events that it lead into took many lives and annihilated the Okinawa base almost completely, because of soldiers like Aquila 1 the world could soon see a ray of hope, a glimpse of brighter future where man could finally take a stance and fight back the BETA.

You can watch Chicken Divers from Youtube or if you prefer you can also download it in two parts with the subtitles. It’s a thirty minute story, and I’d recommend watching it if you’re interested.

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse will start airing 1st of July. I’ve been holding back my urge to to write about Muv-Luv for some time now, but as Total Eclipse begins you can expect a bit more frequent posts about both the series and Muv-Luv in general. I still have much to say about it, and few of them will shred me to pieces.