Music of the Month; Don’t stop me now

Enough with this Japanese shit, let’s have some proper rock!

So OK, I completely admit I’ve been on wrong kind fire this whole week and today hasn’t been any different. Actually, it’s been worse but let’s get to that another time. Thanks for allowing me to have this moment.

It’s monthly music time, so we go freeballing!

Whether or not the blog is starting to be bogged down with âge related matters is an issue which I should address. It is true that it has been a relevant theme going on here since late October 2011, but that’s not what the blog really is at its core.

However, it’s the blog has evolved and keeps evolving with natural growth, balling from subject to subject as time goes by. There has been numerous articles about video games during these two weeks I should address and discuss, but as you might’ve noticed, they went pretty much to deaf ears. I can’t blame if people are getting shit tired of me talking about certain eastern franchise, and down the line I will keep myself in check. However, whether or not some matters warrant a discussion is another thing and they will be further addressed if they fall closer to the whole customer-provider and design dynamics.

As for the giant Tactical Surface Fighter and Jet fighter comparison posts, they’ll float around. I’ll aim to limit them to maximum of two per month, but depending on situations they may be less or more. Now that I have a basic template and resources at hand for them, creating them isn’t all too hard, thou the template does look drabby and isn’t all that nice.

I’ve got some feedback that my posts tend to go too long. As I’ve mentioned before, I aim to keep posts in about thousand words for balance. From now on I will aim to edit them to ramble less and not go may way out to make the text bulkier to handle. I may ask some outside help to achieve this. I won’t say that I won’t drop the limit down, but rather pack things in a righter package.

Another idea that was thrown around that I latched on to create a podcast. My voice may not be the sexiest radiovoice out there, but I have thrown the idea around to certain people, and it would appear there would be people willing to do it. The question is if people would have interest to listen any of them? We never know if I don’t put up few recording sessions and give it a try. No promises thou, international conversations can be slightly difficult to manage at proper quality.

 As of now, enjoy that Queen and go have a nice cold drink.