CAPCOM giving the finger. Again.

CAPCOM announced that they’re releasing some of their digital download games on a physical disc for the X360. Now this is an awesome idea in of itself, offering these games on a disc to those who refuse to buy downloadable games or do not have access to the Internet. $40 dollar price tag seems to be a bit high thou, but I could give that little extra for a physical copy. The cover design is bad thou.

There’s just one problem in this thing; Mega Man 9 and 10 are missing. CAPCOM’s most selling downloadable games next to Street Fighter are missing. While CAPCOM’s saying “they might be in the part 2 collection” I say bullshit. CAPCOM’s losing potential sales here. Add Bionic Commando RE:Armed and at least Mega Man 9 to make it full ten games. If the series is still important to the company, then why isn’t MM9 in this collection? There’s no reason it NOT to be in there.