Frostbite got bitten by frozen sales, it seems

It’s funny to see how a yearly event that has managed to outsell itself few times over suddenly sees a 70% drop in ticket sales.

Now as it happens, the yellow bar represents the unsold tickets whereas the white area represents the sold tickets. At least I assume so, it would be very stupid to design a bar that would increase as the available product decreases, unless they’re counting how many tickets have been sold from pre-established set, which would make sense if the bar was increasing. Bah, this is what shitty design and lack of any sort of indications causes. The bar decreases after a time of observation, so I assume that the bar goes down as tickets are sold. And there’s still boatloads left.

Frostbite 2014 seems to be a disaster on certain repeating levels, but unlike its last year counterpart, it seems it’ll make less money as well. The main reason for this most likely isn’t with the guests they’re having this time, thou one has to admit that Wakamoto has more draw to him than Ranma’s and Shinji’s voice actors. I would like to meet with both of them really, but in a better environment for sure. Then what made the sales drop?

This year they’re trying something new and wild; have the event R-18. I wonder when was the last time I saw as stupid decision as this, where a group of people decide to exclude most of their customers from the sales to further promote the higher calibre of the hobbyists and the sub-culture at large. I would believe this bullshit if the programme would reflect this. No, instead we’re seeing same level of expertise as before, but with more sexual images. To be fair, there are programme that seems to be rather interesting, but nothing that would make them exceptionally R-18. Outside the obvious sex driven programmes, there’s… really nothing that makes this event limited to adults only. If anything, it almost looks like the programme generally got better from previous years because people seemed to realize that their audience aren’t idiots. Where was this realization five damn years ago?

And oh, who the hell was the idiot who let a programme be named as FIRST TIME WHEN UNDER AGED – BEST THING EVER? I thought they wanted to make this event R-18. If I wasn’t this jaded on the current state of the conventions we have here, I could be surprised. I’m just shaking my head that whoever was there in charge of programmes screwed this one up badly. The title doesn’t even provoke; it’s just adolescent humour for people who can’t get in because it’s still just for adults. Yeah, let’s put this absolutely tasteless name for our panel discussion about our first series ever.

To quote a friend, At least this time there’s something worth to see. I agree with her, this time there is more than one or two scheduled programmes that might be interesting. Then you have to wonder why there is a need for such highlighted franchises as Initial D, which have a large amount of documentation, presentations and research levelled papers all around the Internet. How much will the presenter be able to introduce in his presentation is an open question, and based on previous years I can say that the answer is Not much.

But then the question pops up; Why are there so many programmes concentrating on one series? The natural follow-up is Why are they discussing series that are well known and still on the general consensus  of the sub-culture? The tired answer would be Because it’s easy, but I’m giving these people give my doubt. I trust that all of these are going to make well researched points that are commonly overlooked and introduce new ideas as well as backing their ideas with facts.

Now where’s my presentation that would discuss the world politics of One-Piece? Last time somebody tried to make that happen, the programme was just one guy talking about how stuff happen between characters and their rivals. Politics dammit!  This sort of programme would be fitting for this sort of adults-only event, as the presenter could do extensive research on the World Government and how much they have affected singular towns, cities and islands with the pirates alongside other things as well as how all these different factions come into play when decisions are made on political level. While this isn’t just for adults, this sort of presentation would be heavy to make and to take in, but dammit if properly done it would be marvellous. Of course, this would mean that the presenter should be able to properly translate some of the terms and words that are left in their romanized form for whatever godforsaken reason.

Of course, they could have scheduled some programme about series that are aimed at real adults, not otaku adults. But where’s the fun in that? Nobody wants to put any real effort in their presentation if it goes outside their field of interest.

Credits are given where credits are due, the last time the website staff revamped the site has been put into good use and the overall layout has become much better and now looks a level more professional than before. Still, most of the site is still in Finnish only, which means the staff is still unwilling to grasp the possibilities they have at hand. Then again, I’m sure the same people said that they want to make an event for the adult hobbyists only, and they decided to replace an existing event with this. At least now they can sell all the porn they want without wondering if they’re promoting indecent sexual acts to minors.

Seriously, if you’re a person in-charge of any event that has a seller selling pornographic or other material aimed for adults only, be sure make a stance have these guys their own place with some sort of guards checking that no minor gets their hands on that stuff. Introducing porno to minors is still illegal here.

Personally, it would not have mattered what the programme or the guests had been. Much like numerous other people, I am making a statement that this sort of R-18 event worse choice than free-for-all; I won’t be attending the event. Not that I would have been in any case. There are better options to get more room for the event than just limiting who gets to the event. That’s elitism and discrimination at its worst. If they’re hoping to remove some sort of unwanted element from their precious little masturbatory circle, they’re making things worse by appearing as one. There is both need and place for different aged hobbyists. These people should meet and discuss with each other more often and share their experiences. Rather than dividing the two ‘generations,’ an open dialogue between the two would be preferred. After all, we all were young once. No reason to punish those who came after us for the same things we did. Trust me, we all did the same things, especially if you were even slightly outgoing.

This sort of decision tells you that the event providers are out of touch with the people they’re selling the tickets for. It might be that more tickets are sold as the event comes closer, but seeing that there are still tickets to be sold sings a certain kind of song. Well, this is a good experience and I hope they’ll learn the proper lesson from it. Fat chance, I know. I’m sure the organiser group still refuses to admit that they have a customer-provider relationship going on.