A year in development? Really?

So, Sven shared with us that the Darkstalkers Resurrection has been in development for a year. What have they done during that time? What we know of CAPCOM’s policy in game development, it’s most likely that the “planning cycles” Sven mentioned are nothing less than pitches to the company execs since Street Fighter IV.

We know that once CAPCOM deems a series dead (ie. unprofitable)making a comeback with the said series is a more than a bit difficult. We all remember how hard Ono had to fight to get Street Fighter IV to get through, and what a fiasco Mega Man Legends 3 was. Ono himself admitted that the DARKSTALKERS ARE NOT DEAD was a pitch to the execs to get a new game to the series. We safely assume that the “planning cycles” Sven mentioned are nothing more than numerous pitches that the developers made. In the end, the execs went with the cheapest option in comparison to the expenses.

We know that CAPCOM hated Street Fighter IV, and that it became a success. Ono can be credited for this. If we had someone with the same level of love and care during the pitches, I’m sure we would’ve actually had a new and proper Darkstalkers game.

From Legends 3 fiasco we know that CAPCOM doesn’t greenlight games directly. They’ve gone through many steps and they’ve been presented to the execs, who then decide whether or not a game should be allowed to continue to be in development or not. I’m sure cheap and fast as well as cheap were the words that the execs liked a lot when Resurrection went up to them. Did I mentioned that CAPCOM execs like to produce games the cheapest way possible? This is unless they’re greenlighting a game they want to promote.

So, what have they done within this year? Most likely the devs have worked in porting the game code to the HD Twins (which should be easy as PS3 is nothing more than loads of PSP tech on top of each other) and adding tutorial modes and all that kind of stuff.

In all seriousness, what we’ve seen tells a lot. DS Resurrection is most likely very, very similar to all other HD releases. As such, there’s very little value in Resurrection to the customer. CAPCOM recycled Morrigan’s sprite until they had to give her a 3D model. Now it seems they managed to weasel out on of making any new content once more with Resurrection.

Is CAPCOM’s new plan to make ports of their old games to new systems and let the industry dry?