Destruction of the picture is ever evolving

Back in the day when we only had square screens and movies were wider than they were taller, home media releases tended to butcher the image. Not only were wider images often just cropped to fit the more square screen, but pan and scan was applied to showcase and focus more on certain parts of the picture. Take a look at the comparison video how pan and scan was made with Ghostbusters and how much the intended picture was lost, or how extra editing had to be done.

This isn’t just something that was done throughout the existence of mainstream home media. Even Laserdisc, the format that was touted as the film fanatic’s choice, suffered greatly for many releases being pan and scan. The reason is the same why older media that was produced before the HD media hit around the corner is being cropped and slapped with some effect on top. The resulting ruination removes information on the screen, causing actors’ and surroundings to go unseen. In comedic media, you often see jokes and even scene important elements lost to pan and scan as the focus has to be on the speaker. To use Ghostbusters as an example, Spookcentral has a good three-point comparison what’s the core issue.

At the top, we have the original picture, with a cropped version to fit a different aspect ratio, and then at the bottom a pan and scan. The pan and scan version would have to move the image left and right to cover the whole scene to show all of the picture. Sometimes it simply doesn’t, which results in static cropping. This results large areas of information being lost to the viewer, in this case, we either lose Winston, or both Egon and Winston. This isn’t a single case; almost every single movie released on VHS, Laserdisc and DVD have pan and scan version out there well into the mid-00’s before HD screens took over. You would think this issue would be solved. After all, all modern screens are wider than they are taller by standard, but that’s not the case. The pendulum has swung to the opposite direction.

As older televisions programs use older standards for the screen size, they don’t fit modern screens without empty space. Hence, shows like The Simpsons are being cropped to fit the new standards, losing large amounts of information and destroying the scenes’ layout. Bart and Lisa on the above shot lose all of their torsoes and the luxurious house is almost completely gone. The scene has become too cramped, there’s less room to breath. Here’s an example how cropping removes whole jokes from scenes.

Nabbed from Tristan Cooper’s Twitter

The whole joke about Duff Classic, Duff Lite and Duff Dry all coming from the same pipeline got axed. This repeats throughout the whole show on Disney+, and worse all, Fox has been selling these versions to overseas markets to be rerun on television. This means the only way to see The Simpsons as it was meant to be seen is on DVD or VHS. In one of the DVD commentaries Matt Groening mentioned that there will never be Bluray realease of the show, because the DVD is already at the resolution the show was made in. However, as you can see on the cropped version, they’ve upscaled the image and applied some smoothening effect to it. Recently I watched half an episode of the show on local television, and witnessed how a classic episode was effectively ruined by cropping and by this smoothening effect, destroying detail and sharpness of the picture. This was made in order to make the show look like modern contemporaries or newer episodes, as no line ended in a sharp stroke but to a round end. Colour variation and balance had been destroyed in an attempt to move any sort of grain or scratch off the screen and making things higher in contrast. Tristan also pointed out how in certain scenes you don’t only get cropping, but stretching too.

The Simpsons is the most cited example of this, but it is far from the only show that experiences this. The He-Man Official Youtube channel has a long history of stretching and cropping full episodes they upload, with all episode of The New Adventures of He-Man being cropped. Originally, their He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episodes were both stretched and cropped, but after someone kept bitching at them episode after episode they slowly began to upload episodes in proper aspect ratio, only return to stretching and cropping. Take a look at how Castle Grayskull looks between their normal and stretched videos.

As you can see, the image was simply stretched to fit the new standard’s width without any consideration what it does to the image. Everything is simply wider with no reason behind it. There’s no lost information in this way, but it’s not how it should look like. At least there isn’t information lost. There is also no rhyme or reason how or when Filmation’s cartoons get what treatment, as an episode of Bravestarr that was uploaded a month ago still has its proper aspect ratio, but every upload after that suddenly begun to be cropped or stretched, starting from this episode, from 25th of July onward.

There are massive amounts of shows in streaming services and on home media that does these exact same things, cropping and stretching. In effect, it is the same fear of the empty screen space that was driving cropping and pan and scan. Both the game and film industry, television included, are too fearful of those black bars. This may be because some of the home consumers think the picture has been cut off or their screen is broken. Sony even has a support article explaining that there are media in a different aspect ratio, and even recommend zooming or widening the picture via TVs own settings, something now self-respecting consumer would do. The results would be as you see above; lost information and screwed-up picture. I’m not sure if it’s just inbred stupidity or lack of education that makes people think something is wrong with the picture if they don’t have their whole screen filled, or if it’s simply sheer ignorance.

The consumer, ultimately, is not responsible for these despite there being a group that doesn’t apparently understand aspect ratios. However, we have all the information we could hope for at the tip of our fingers, this information is readily available for anyone who wants to see what’s with their picture. Then again, almost all home media, at least physical media, lists the aspect ratio at the back of the box. This, of course, would mean the consumer would need to learn something about aspect ratio. Not everyone is interested in that, but really, it’s one of those little things everybody should learn about as part of their normal media education.

After all, film and television are considered a form of art. Consuming both in their proper, intended format is necessary in order to fully experience the effects and intentions the creators have used the screen for. Be it Jurassic Park‘s higher than standard screen or TV’s square-ish format, it’s all about what it has been designed and intended to be in. We should not hammer a square peg into a round hole, like so many studios and services are at the moment.


Who you gonna call when audience wants a proper sequel?

I talked a lot about 2016’s Ghostbusters when it was relevant, so why break the streak?

News and trailer for Ghostbusters 3 dropped this week. It wasn’t a day late before the usual circus started around it. Forbes already had an opinion piece up from Scott Mendelson mostly concerning the supposed identity politics. The piece is really a piece of garbage, but there’s one bit that I need to pick up from there and why this post got made;

…we have only ourselves to blame. Studios aren’t charities and they tend to want movies that attract moviegoers and make money.

What he has to blame for himself over? The 2016 Ghostbusters was a financial and PR mistake. We can ignore all the political pushing, all the behind the scenes troubles that effectively doomed the piece even before it got off the ground thanks to executive meddling wanting to push certain ideologies and take the movie as is, it’s really a piece of trash. Market is not something where you can survive with an ideology driving your product. If you hire people based on whatever characteristic you want them to have on the surface, it’s going to pay you back in negatives when the time comes to make use what’s inside. You have to have people who are skilled in their field, whatever it might be. Acting, composing, writing, directing, craftsmanship…

Mendelson’s piece echoes the people who don’t care about the end quality of the product or how it might succeed. I’m sure he knows that nobody wanted to see a Ghostbusters reboot, especially not a one that was not done in good spirit. Being mad about the 2016 film’s failure can only be put on the people who didn’t go to watch it despite supporting it. The trailer still might be Youtube’s most disliked, while Ghostbuster 3‘s and its many mirrors have seen a positive reaction. Of course, this alone doesn’t tell anything if the movie’s going to be good or not, and the teaser trailer is very little to go by. Sidestepping the question about nepotism considering Jason Reitman, the trailer does have its mood more akin to the original. If this movie is argued to play on nostalgia, so tried the 2016 one with all the referential quips, locations and so on. Sequels and remakes always play on nostalgia and argument for or against them are largely moot. Except if you’re trying to make something completely new, then nostalgia shouldn’t come into play much if at all. If we believe 2016’s director Paul Feig, he was making something new in his own take, he failed and sank to the bottom like a rock. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive interview with Reitman, and he has the usual complementary bullshit about the 2016 movie. I can’t blame them, corporate speech dictates you must have a positive view even on your failures and PR disasters in order to keep shit in line. In reality, the faster and harder we forget the 2016  movie exists, the better.

To get back to the original point after that tangent, nothing would’ve kept them from doing Ghostbusters 3 for 2016 outside executives effectively fucking it over. As mentioned so many times already, the 2009 Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Christ, it’s already been ten years?) was effectively considered to be officially unofficial Ghostbusters 3. It had the original cast returning to voice the characters, the writing was done by the same people and it was incredibly faithful to the original core of the movies, especially to the initial idea of Ghostbusters being dimension traveling ghost busting wizards. It was relatively popular game, especially with the fans who knew that this was probably the last time we’d see the group together or get a legit third installment that wasn’t a spin-off of some sort, like the Extreme Ghostbusters, though that series is underrated as hell. However, as said, we don’t really know anything about the movie at this point, so saying anything definitive about is far too early.

We Got This Covered has some possible outlines on the movie. Seeing we won’t be getting the Extreme way of passing the torch to a new team, the movie seemingly has a young boy and a girl as central characters. The boy sounds like what could be a young Raymond Stanz with a hint of 90’s conspiracy zeitgeist, while the girl is effectively described slightly more juvenile and socially retarded Egon Spengler. Then again, some other sources have said that the main characters are group of teenagers, so I guess they could become the new team and be related to the old cast. That would be a bit too convenient, and maybe having them be separate from the old cast. However, seeing it might  be concentrating on a small town, families and their connections to past and present, it doe sound like there are familial relations to go about. Then again, Ghostbusters could use a more grass root level story that doesn’t try to be grand in most ways. The first one was world-saving for sure, but the second one was not. It was more about saving one baby and keeping an insane monarch from returning to life and terrorizing the civilisation once more. A more concentrated story would do Ghostbusters some good now, to get back to the basics after all these years.

Personally, I’m not too eager to see where this movie goes to even by these leaks, or overall when the cultural situation is at. It has to hit home well with the market, and I’m not sure if Sony is up to it at this moment. However, the brand is still on the surface after the 2016 fiasco, so maybe hitting the iron after few new patches have been welded in would work. However, after Harold Ramis’ death, this film won’t be the same. Hopefully it handles his passing with class, probably might even incorporate it somehow into the film’s premise how and why Ecto-1’s in a barn. Hopefully a small town in somewhat rural setting would also keep the modern tech devices at minimum, because I’m more than sick of battery running out on our characters, despite nowadays that actually being a possibility. While it shouldn’t matter who makes the movie, at this point I have to pretty much say that Jason Reitman may not be the best possible choice due to his track record, and him being the first fan of the films can work both ways. Being a fan of something and getting to work on your loved franchise in official capacity can just screw things like no other. You might end up elongating things because of perfectionism, your view of the franchise might be coloured by strong personal feelings and taking it off from its core and you might just start introducing new characters that effectively make the old cast unnecessary.

We’ll probably see a lot of new both for and against the movie, but it might be best to ignore all of them outside what can be verified to some extent about the movie’s production itself. Despite political ideology forces some sections of the media to take a piss on consumers, these are ultimately empty posts that mostly to attract reactions. Getting people worked up and mad is easy and profitable as long you manage to balance it right, but only so far. Especially if you take only one point of view with an ideology attached to it, which might just end up burning your through very badly. The same applies to films, and if the 2016 Ghostbusters was to go anything by, it’s not very successful idea.

Why would you need a ghost bear trap?

The new Ghostbusters movie looks absolutely terrible, if the trailer is to go by. The 3D CG looks fake, something you saw in the movies sixteen years ago. The characters seem to be more or less more stereotypical and supercharged counterparts of the original cast, but also less endearing. How many times we’ve seen the quirky tech geek girl with weird hair or the sassy black woman? Hell, porno has wider variety in characters and how they are represented than modern Hollywood productions.

But we ain’t going there. What we gonna talk about is how many shelf warming toys this movie will make. Why am I saying this? Because the trailer is filled with gadgets that make no other sense in the larger franchise.

It’s nothing new to have toys of Ghostbusters. Kenner’s Ghostbusters toyline was based on the The Real Ghostbusters cartoon with few points taken from the second movie when it rolled around, but overall it was based on a kids show. The 80’s had a really strange way to make cartoons and children’s toylines from R rated movies, like Robocop and Rambo. Hell, Alien had kids’ toys too, and they sold like shit.

G.I. Joe and Transfomers showed the toy manufacturers  that tying your toy to a character and selling it based on the emotional contact the consumer had made with the character was the best choice. You weren’t just buying another car-robot changing toy, you were Optimus Prime. With Ghostbusters, you had the character toys, but all the toy proton packs and similar sold on the idea of playing a Ghostbuster yourself. Not cosplaying, but actually playing ghost busting with your friends. You know you did it, we all did.

The movie has at least two different basic type of proton throwers. The first model we saw them using in the hospital, on which I based a review on, and these throwers still look absolutely horrendous.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_00.59_[2016.03.03_19.43.15]

The thrower we see here is largely the same. We have a nice look to the other side of the thrower, because it’s on its back. The deign is still absolutely atrocious, and how it stands from its stick thin handle leaves no admirable elements.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.44_[2016.03.03_19.44.09]

This scene is cringe worthy in every regard, but you can see the boxy proton thrower there. You can barely see the handle, but you can see how it’s angled towards the chest of whoever her character name is. In order to grasp the proton thrower, you’d need to over-twist your wrist to pick it up. Even if it would come off from the side, the arm and hand are in shit position in every regard. Nobody would make this sort of design to be used in the field, not even prototypes, because you always do scratch models from cardboard or foam to test before you move into  production. I honestly can’t get over how they’re willingly ignoring basics of product design this hard in order to masturbate over the gadget upgrade shit they are doing in this flick.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.02_[2016.03.03_19.43.26]
Their reaction is not because they got scared of the trap, they’re scared of the price that shit would cost in-universe

And I do mean gadget bullshit, like a fucking ghost bear trap. Why in the fuck would they need this sort of overly complex bullshit? The original Ghostbusters had a very simple to the point trap. This is design masturbation, making things more complex than it needs to be. The reason you want your gear to be simple is to prevent shit from breaking down and being jammed on the field. Having a huge, laser pointer filled bear trap in a situation where everything is frantic, shit’s not gonna work. But of course it will work and I have no doubts this will be some sort of specialised gadget used to trap some specialised types of ghosts, because Jesus fuck look at the size of that thing!

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.01_[2016.03.03_19.43.20]

They are not going to lug something that big around on their normal house calls. If that shit is metal as they make it seem to be, the outer frame and the gears alone would make it insanely massive thing to carry. Maybe they’re going to install it on the roof of the car or some shit like that, but why in the fuck would it be a bear trap then? Somebody needs to step into the trap to trigger it, and you can see the goddamn pad there. Seeing they have a remote for it, they could make all their traps wireless, or even better, create traps that suck the ghost in rather than trap it in one place. You never saw that suction light effect from it as it really seems to be just a goddamn leg trap. With green lasers too!

But you know what everybody missed from Extreme Ghostbusters ?

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.51_[2016.03.03_19.44.59]Motherfucking proton pistols

There is no reason for these to exist other than the following.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.52_[2016.03.03_19.45.02]
Stop sexually harassing those pistols

If there were not Proton pistols, they would not be included in the pack. They even have a specialised compartment for them. Even in Extreme Ghostbusters, Kylie’s Proton Pistol was weaker weapon due to the stronger trap, trap that was far more useful than the bear trap above. Kyelie’s armour overall was design wank as well for the toy and to make her different from the rest of the cast, but I can give it a pass mostly because it was a goddamn cartoon and she only had one. Dual wielding guns is a terrible idea, but at least one of the ladies knows this. Except these to be sold individually for maximum profits. I sincerely hope they are something else than proton pistols.

They even look like toys. Actually, they look more like BOSCH’s bottle opener with a modified handle.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.48_[2016.03.03_19.44.28]

There are even more gadget. The big black sassy woman has an extra thingy under the pistol compartment, and funny fat one on the left has something else too. Note that they are using the more reasonable wand-styled proton throwers here.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.52_[2016.03.03_19.45.14]

Now, the thing with proton wands is that while this looks cool, you do not hold it like that. They’re not rifles. The proton thrower is more like a water hose or a flamethrower. Like a water hose, it has a constant kickback and tends to wander around. You want to lower it down near your center of weight and have total control over it. Y’know, how they did in the first movie.

Because it's fantastical doesn't give you the freedom to be stupid, and these guys knew it
Because it’s fantastical doesn’t give you the freedom to be stupid, and these guys knew it

Granted, the above rifle pose is a trailer made moneyshot and they recreate this scene almost 1:1 as well. The cartoons also had them hold the proton throwers in weird positions sometimes, but rule of coll sometimes trumps over common sense. You could just attach a laser pointer to the thrower and use those to help with your aim, but that would be too logical.

Speaking of stupid, they have the Power Glove in there too!

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_01.53_[2016.03.03_19.45.27]
Weren’t you supposed to capture the ghosts, not disintegrate? IDW’s Ghostbusters had a whole damn plot line about why you shouldn’t do this. Here’s another angle

My guess would be that this is the dangly bit the funny fat one is wearing underneath her proton pack. The idea of having a proton brass knuckles may be nice, but why in the fuck would you want to get close of something dangerous when you could just shoot it? Maybe it’s more powerful, but I call bullshit on that. After the bear trap they have no excuses in making heavy gear, like a proton shotgun or something.

There’s just one thing more that looks really, really goddamn strange when it comes to the equipment.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer HD - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_00.58_[2016.03.03_19.43.10]

Everything has a red central light. The original effects had a governing red as well, but they had far more white in them alongside with blues and other occasional colours. In this reboot/sequel, every equipment is washed in red colour, making it look like it’s overheated and ready to explode. The original pack wasn’t washed in one, massive heatlamp like this new one, it had those four dots that rotated alongside small lit dots here and there to show status. This new one looks like a Chinese knock-off.

Everything in the trailer looks colour coded as well. Ghosts are green and blue, the ‘busters are red and yellow. Y’know, for you ease of viewing so you don’t need to pay any attention what’s actually going on the screen while you’re texting. The only practical effect they’re using seems to be the slime, but I guess that’s the only they couldn’t get away with CGI.

I’m not even going show Ecto-1, as they made the shit hearse joke. It’s actually pretty decent in design overall, mostly because it doesn’t stray too far from the original Ecto-1, much like how the logo is just shinier version.

I don’t expect this movie to be a hit. The designs will yield loads of toys for sure, but how much they will sell is another story altogether. In mecha genre, there is this mid-season upgrade stereotype, where the main character/s get load of new mechas in order for the company to sell more toys and models. This new Ghostbusters reeks of this exact same, but it also looks like the writers had a gadget hard-on.

It’s like a new Ghostbusters can’t make it stand apart from the rest without tampering with the equipment and adding useless shit on top of everything else. Re-designing the base equipment is expected and is all good, but adding new equipment one after another to make it stand apart is lazy, and this new Ghostbusters movie is like a collection of abandoned, stupid ideas. They will try to justify everything in-universe, but within the franchise all the above lose what has been made previously.

Rather than watch this, watch the first few seasons of the Real Ghostbusters. That show had better trailers than this movie, and I promise most episodes are far better written than this reboot/sequel.

One more thing about the trailer; there were no four scientist. Winston was not a scientist.

An example how little to no thought can result in an awful particle thrower design

I was about to write your monthly music, but I came across a picture of the new all-female Ghostbusters gang. I’ve seen it before, and outside the damn ugly costumes the upcoming Ghostbusters doesn’t really fetch a reaction from me,  but then I saw the particle throwers. I should not have seen them, because that did pull an emotion from me.  I’m looking at them and  I have to wonder Who the hell designed these pieces of trash?

Here’s the thing; the original particle thrower  / proton wand is an excellent example of great prop design. It looks self-made and yet done by someone who knew what they were doing professionally.  It looks safe, but dangerous at the same time. It has bits and pieces that have an innate quality to them that’s instantly understood because it has a resemblance to real world equipment. There’s nibs and nubs that have at least some sort of clear meaning to them. It being painted black only lifts all the smaller steel and lighted up details towards the viewer’s eye. Sure, it’s essentially a box with two tubes to it with other bits protruding out and some wires going here and there, yet it all works because it is cohesive piece.

The new proton packs and particle throwers we saw from Tufts Medical Centre look like a fucking toy with no thought behind it.

Take a long good look at those particle throwers. Let’s go step by step what’s wrong with their design

The first bit that’s fucked up is the handle. All the weight of the main unit on the wand is on that curved handle, which would stress the arm more than if it was aligned  with the rest of the unit. It has a slight inwards curve to it, which is nice to see, but the handle itself looks incredibly small and lacking in  ergonomics. The handle they have should have larger grip that would conform to the hand, not a screwdriver like circular piece. It’s shiny plastic as well, which usually means it has lousy friction.

The original particle thrower can be argued to be worse in the sense that it had a straight angle handle protruding from the main unit, but that’s where the weight distribution comes into play again. When you have, for example, a spear in your hands, you are able to muster more strength and control to it because of its straight nature. The same is with the original particle thrower. As the particle stream can be compared to a strong water stream that has a nature to wonder around, having an innate idea where straight forwards is for the piece  becomes highly important. With the handle-above approach that the new thrower has is just stupid, especially when you consider the push from the particle stream now comes towards underneath your hand.  Your wrist and the rest of the arm needs to do extra work to keep it the thrower lifted and in  right angle. Notice how Egon’s female version is holding the prop piece from the very end, not from the handle part itself. That alone should tell you how bad ergonomics these particle throwers have.

The problem with handle-above approach wouldn’t be bad if the main unit would be about the same size as the original, but no, the new one has to be huge and look like a goddamn hobbybox. First we see that it’s gunmetal grey for whatever reason with exposed wires, coil and goddamn soldering, meaning that it would degrade at a higher pace than if it was protected, and that if somebody would  touch that those exposed bits it would most likely short circuit and explode in your face. You don’t want an important component of an unlicensed nuclear accelerator to explode in your hands, the short circuit shock may travel to the backpack. If they just had put a damn plexiglass on top of that bit, it would make some sense, but these bits are dangling out just to show that it’s self-made, like the original. On the underside you have some other bits as well, and why in the name of all that is good you’d put what looks like buttons and other important nib knobs on the surface you put on the table? Every frigging side of the main unit has something on it just to make it look busy and it’s so awfully realized.

But you know what’s even better than exposed wiring? Those copper pipes. Copper pipe is relatively expensive, those are very shiny. Like new. The first question we have is Why the hell are they there?  I’m assuming they are coolant pipes, which would mean that the proton throwers warm up even more than in the originals and that the throwers carry cooling liquid inside of them, which adds quite a lot of weight to them, making the handle even more of an  stupid idea. Not only that, but that makes the proton throwers about five times more expensive to build than the original. The original has heatsinks to cool down the thrower, but none of the throwers ever really overheat throughout the movies. Ghostbusters The Game used overheat as a mechanic, but only in regards of the proton backpack. These bitches on the other hand have incredibly expensive active cooling for components that are exposed to air.

You can see a heatsink just there on the right side.
You can see a heatsink just there on the right side. Notice how easy it is to access the buttons

The main unit is an incredibly good example how hard it is to design a box, and whoever did this design just fucked it up. The original particle thrower doesn’t make a real difference between the different parts, blending them more or less seamlessly together. You see a clear welding line where the handle meets the main unit and keeps simple. All the buttons and knobs are positioned near the handle, making it easy to use. There are few separate pieces seen in the movies that are used with the other hand to change the settings. With the new pack everything needs to be set with the other hand, because the hand on the handle has access only to the trigger button. Hell, even the pilot of the animation got it right as well! There’s an extra button next to the copper pipes, which I assume is the main power switch because of red cover, which just shows more that everything is  all over the place, almost literally.

Then you have the goddamn… I don’t even know what to call it. I guess it’s the barrel of the thrower. Visually speaking, it’s a bad design. The connecting piece looks weak and has added useless rectangles glued to it to give it an interesting look, but unlike with Lightsabers  where we can assume them to be some sort of energy packs, these are just glued  on pieces. The large tube is large for the sake of being large, housing a red light inside. Of course, because y’know, proton stream is red. And sometimes blue to white, emits sparks, sometimes white, sometimes core red with an orange aura, but the most iconic one is red with blue electricity surrounding it. But why the hell does the fat barrel have just one black bit on it that looks like electric tape? The original particle thrower had an actual handle, one that the user could grab and have a proper hold of. Now that the barrel is fat like that, they don’t have full grasp on it. Perhaps they were going for a similar grip as with an assault rifle, but that doesn’t work if there is no surface to grab on. Secondly, assault rifles’ barrels grip are specifically designed to fit the shape of the hand be gripped strongly if necessary. The new particle thrower barrel looks like piece of shit because of this. They would almost certainly lose their grip of the barrel the moment the particle stream kicks back harder  because it’s smooth metal with nothing to properly grip on.

Look at how firm grip that is
Look at how firm grip that is

And yeah, nice aluminium pieces at the front, don’t put any effort to make it look interesting like the original’s.

The biggest gripe I have with these designs that they had or have superior alternative. The photo above is the most circulated one from Tufts Medical Center, and shows most details on the particle throwers. However, the gripe I have with those is that we do have or at least did have good new designs for the particle throwers already that were not the old ones.CJQXIcNUcAApwbn[1]

This is from Paul Feig’s Twitter. That looks what it should look more like, even if it the particle thrower is more or less the same. There’s a closer look at the thrower there too. However, this picture is from July 6th, and the photos from Hufts Medical Center are from August 1st. Why weren’t these packs used in Hufts Medical Centre? Why were these “new” packs and throwers used? They are just incredibly awful in design, and should be used as an example how not to design something like this. I sincerely hope that these particle throwers where just kitbashed in five minutes for the hospital visit in order to keep the actual props in the best possible condition, and that these “new” props will not make any sort of appearance in any media again.