Araki Shigeru, 1949-2012

Well, I asked who’s going to go next, and Stronger is the one fate has chosen to take into eternity.

Araki Shigeru is the most known for his role as Kamen Rider Stronger of the 1975 series.

To quote his last moments, as translated by an anon;

” On the night of April 13th, Araki entered critical condition. His wife -a former actress- and family were at his side trying to cheer him up. Sometime during the night, Araki’s heart had stopped. The family, by his bedside talked fondly of their happy memories. At one point his wife said ”my dear, you were so cool as a Kamen Rider”. At that moment Araki was able to respond and suddenly started breathing properly again and because of this he was able to hold out through the night. Because of his infection of the aspergillosis, he eventually succumb to the pneumonia. “

She was right. Araki did not only put all of his burning spirit into the role, he made it his own and was one of the best.

There are few words that I’ve quoted in real life simply to boost my own confidence, or helped others in need. These situations have been far and afar, but with those words you can always take sure steps onwards, and face the challenge.

Because the person you are today is stronger than the person you were yesterday.

I won’t even ask who will go next. 2012, you can be such a bitch.