Music of the Month; I’m cheating a bit here

It rained today. Screw the sunny music I was going to use, let’s go with this.

Reason? It wasn’t just raining today, it was thunder and lighting as well. ’tis also one of my favourite songs.

It’s going to be busy summer. I still aim at two posts per week, but lately not only my own schedule has been killing me a little bit, but my editor’s personal life also went through renovation. Life has a tendency on meddling with planned things like that. To add to this, the next few weeks will be living hell now that I’m going to finish with deadlines for the current project I’m involved with, which also means that I’m going to be involved in a new project that will kill me and most likely force me to work on graphics and we all know that I can barely do logos. Oh well…

To mention some more recent events, industrialised plagiarism lifted its ugly head this week because of Marimekko. Kristina Isola, the designer who plagiarised Maria Primtšenko’s, did nothing new or extraordinary. She did what people deem like a huge evil act is something we allow film directors, musicians, game designers and God knows who else to do on regular basis. The buzz here is mostly because the design Isola did became rather popular. Again, nothing new. However, I have to laugh a bit at Primtšenko’s grandson, Ivan, who says that The designer most likely didn’t do it on purpose.

I’ll tell you one industry secret on designers; almost all of them lie and plagiarise intentionally. They won’t tell you about it, because they hope never to be caught. They call it with other names, like being inspired or that they got the idea from somewhere. The customers allow this to happen in most cases, and by extension the industry allows it to happen. I repeat; this is industrialised plagiarism.

Quality design stems from professional craftsmanship. Be it industrial or whatever else. Isola certainly has enough experience and skill to be a craftsman, but because almost everybody turns the blind eye at plagiarism, she chose to be stupid.