CAPCOM doesn’t get it #2

Seems like somebody at CAPCOM listened to me a little bit, as they’re bundling Mega Man 1-5, 9 and 10 into one… not so massive bundle. Granted, they’re the slightly more upgraded PSOne versions of the games, which also explains why MM6 is missing as it has not been released on PSN yet. They could’ve shoved it into the bundle anyway.

2500 yen doesn’t sound bad, but then we all realize that this is Japan only deal once again, and the targeted audience already owns these games. They’re slicing 50% off from the price, but it’s still pricey. A Western fan most likely has Mega Man Anniversary Collection already, so purchasing these is not a good option. Actually, you can still get new copies of said collection, if you know where to look from. The price’s about the same as well.

As such, CAPCOM clearly has the source codes and translations ready for these PSOne games. Why not use them, if they want to push out more of this 8-bit fanservice? Well, the answer is as follows; the games were never released in the West, patching the new language in would need some time and effort, and somebody who knows what the hell his doing. Now CAPCOM can’t stand effort or spending money, as evident from Mega Man x Street Fighter.

Then again, CAPCOM seems to think 8-bit Mega Man sells the most, but doesn’t act on this line of thought, which is a contradiction. Of course, the real answer is that CAPCOM doesn’t know what to do with Mega Man, and ultimately doesn’t even care.