CAPCOM giving the finger to its customers

I’ve stayed silent long enough about games.

You know who was the most requested character in the Marvel VS CAPCOM 3? Mega Man X. Who did we get? Zero.
And now we’re getting Mega Man X. As a Downloadable Contenct for one of Zero’s additional colours.

To quote, “This is bad comedy.” This is the videogame industry equalent of slapping the woman you’ve had sex with sive minutes and ago when she’s asking more. It boggles my mind how STUPID CAPCOM can be! This, if anything, tells you that they either hate their customers, Mega Man, or don’t know a shit about the market they’re working with. I’m betting on all previous three. NOBODY wants to play as Mega Man X this way. CAPCOM, you have the character model now, just put it as a unique character next time and make it higher tier character and I’ll buy the game whatever the price is. I promise. Otherwise, screw you.
Whoever was behind this idea needs to be fired and quick. Whoever buys this DLC needs to be shot in the console. Because of things like this piracy is always a valid option if you’re into it. Games aren’t worth 40-60€ anymore. There are only handful of games this year that I’d like to invest into, and two of those aren’t even games but visual novels. You can read that 10 000+ post about MuvLuv down further if you’re interested.

This post combines a bit with the seller values VS customer value post. If this is what CAPCOM wants to show as their games’ strong values for it, they’re missing the same thing that Nintendo is; it’s the customer that decides the value of the product in the end, not the corporation. You won’t sell you product to anyone with noone is willing to buy it. It’s no use stacking the prices up if the product won’t sell. I won’t pay 50€ for games these days if it’s up to me.

However, it seems that I am willing to pay around 150€ of life changing story that comes with a lovely figurine. How ’bout that?