Music of the month; I’m doing the same thing again

I’ve been reading a story that I couldn’t finish eight years ago. Something that’s still important to me, and to an extent has defined me to a point. I started reading it properly again six months ago, and I could’ve read it in a week or so, but for a reason I couldn’t. There’s a point where the story makes me stop and makes it hard to continue onwards.

I’m hesitant to call it a masterpiece, but this is a fact; I’ve never met a person who has been left out cold after seeing or reading the story. They’ve either hated it, loved it or they’ve been completely speechless by it.

I didn’t really notice it, but I’ve done the same thing here what I did with the largest Muv-Luv post I have; spontaneous post about it without context, a monthly music tied to it, and then followed by the main post.

Funny how things happen like this sometimes.

As previously, be sure to wait for the whole story…