A Mega Man movie is put into motion at 20th Century FOX

I tend to be  hopeful bastard when it comes to things like this. Before I see anything, the now upcoming Mega Man movie could be good. The recent Planet of the Apes films have been a mixed bag, so we have some idea how the Mega Man movie will pan out. However, I would rather have these people work on a Mega Man X movie and just call it Maverick Hunter, it would be far more up their alley.

The news bit has inaccuracies, namely how Rockman is misspelled with a space, unless CAPCOM of Japan has revised that spelling, and mentioning how Dr. Wily stole Dr. Light’s life work and build his robots with specials weapons, when in actuality he worked together with Light to produce those six initial work robots. They both share the same lifework, they just branched off with their rivalry. Another is to call Mega Man a battle droid, a term never used in the series. A super fighting robot is still the best description for the Blue Bomber.

There has been good silver screen adaptations of video games in the past. Mortal Kombat affected the game series itself, and was just as schlocky as the games it was based on. Dead or Alive, laughable as it may be, is well in-tone with the games overall as well. Ryu Ga Gotoku/Like a Dragon may have a bit more comedic movie that cuts most of the story out, but it still keeps the core in there. Phoenix Wright/ Gyakuten Saiban movie is a perfect translation of the software into a movie. This is strictly live-action movies, there are more animations that you can throw a grenade at with varying quality, Street Fighter II The Movie being a good example how to take a game with minimal story and adapt it.

And that’s where the crux lies. Mega Man in itself has the most basic of plots. I would hope that they would go Rise of the Planet of the Apes route and concentrate on Dr.Light and Dr. Wily as main characters and their friendship and rivalry towards robotics. Reserve all the action towards the end, when Wily goes all out, steals the first six Robot Masters. Then have Dr. Light question whether or not he should fulfil Rock’s wish to be transformed into a war machine when he knows that it is not true free will Rock’s acting upon, but the ethical coding he himself put in there.

The issues of man and the machine, and the thin line between the two should be reserved for Mega Man X, the one where these issues become relevant. The Classic Mega Man has always been a children’s piece and follows in the same steps as Tetsuwan Atom and Shinzou Ningen Casshern. It can have good stories, but ultimately should be relatively light. X is where the edge and rougher stuff should come in.

One thing is sure; at least CAPCOM’s doing something bigger with the IP.