Happy New Year

It’s a new year and I guess this is a good place to make a blog-related update.

First of all, I need to thank my readers. Lately I’ve seen a spike on how many views this blog gets (mostly because of RoboCop and Muv-Luv) so I intend to keep things how they are. I discussed this matter with myself for some time, and the apparent growth in readership won’t change how this blog is ran. We’ve see so many shows and writers going downwards as they’ve changed how they work with their product. I’ll keep the same pace and subjects I’ve been going over, thou most likely I will expand the field when needed.

Second, Muv-Luv. It’s really a good question if Ineed to make a separate blog for all this Muv-Luv stuff, but then overall I realized that at the moment âge is basically the anti-CAPCOM; they’re catering their current customers well and they’ve been steadily broadening their scope. As a Visual Novel company it’s more than a bit hard for them to grasp new audience; the Total Eclipse animation has served its purpose to promote the upcoming Visual Novel, and it seems that the overall reception has been rather positive. Well, I said rather positive when it could’ve been so much worse. I didn’t have much hopes for the series, and to be honest, having very little faith in the series made be positively surprised. I’ll be talking about Total Eclipse later on, but not in the spirit you’d think. There’s also the fact that there’s very little writing on the series on English Internet, so me tapping that Blue Ocean area really follows my own points.

Third, all the stuff that has been put on hold for reasons unmentioned. I did promise that LaserDisc player review, and it’s on the works, but at the time of this writing I have no clue to how to work with it. Yes, I need to provide pictures of the machine and the video quality, but seeing that I would actually need to put more thought into the review itself is rather… Well, I need to make it from the POV of a person who doesn’t know jack shit about LaserDiscs, so it’ll be a very down to earth review. I’ll still be talking about Disney buying out Star Wars, but there’s two things hampering the progress with the matter; first is that a lot of the matters have been already said, and the second is that Disney hasn’t really made any other statements outside that they’re making new movies. We’re getting back to it as soon as there’s something that I can say things on, I really hate touting my horn when I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Now, because it IS New Year’s day, I got my Editor go through This is a very small, very large, very precious story about love and courage, because y’know, it was ridden with typos and horrible grammar. Now there’s less of that, and I even managed to notice some errors my Editor didn’t [I thought I might have missed some. Quite frankly, there WAS a lot of them.Edit.]. It’s a bit over a year since I wrote that post, which I really regard as the kickstart point of this blog, and I barely recognize the kid who wrote it. I do recognize the experiences and emotions put into the text, but somehow I feel embarrassed by that text. Would it be too selfish to say that I’ve grown a little since then, both as a person and as a blogger?

So, how well is the blog doing again? Well, on the 13th of December the view count doubled for some reason from the usual, and now the view counter keeps hitting around 200 per day. There’s exactly one place I personally have posted link to this blog and its on my ‘tube account. Most common Google searches are related to RoboCop, Muv-Luv and CACPOM killing Mega Man. Most views are from major English-speaking countries and Finland, and it seems that posts of rather more rare matters get the most hits. I really don’t know how rare a Double Dragon NEON post is, but people just end up in there when they’re looking for porn. That reminds me; why the hell are you people Googling for Kagami Sumika rape porn? That’s just nasty.

It looks like I still have lots of things to do next year if I’m intending to start doing monthly specials. That’s a big if at this point. On the meantime I’ll continue writing these objectively opinionated posts as we go by.

This counts as monthly music as well. Why this song? It’s an allusion that my blog is my stage

Happy Year 2013. Let’s make it a good one.