Did CAPCOM just piss Mega Man fans in the eyes?


I’m going to go on a full fanboy rage mode here, so it’s parental discretion is advised. Ok, deep breath and go…

What the fucking hell CAPCOM? Do you want piss every goddamm Mega Man fan out there by adding the motherfucking BAD BOXART MEGA MAN to a game that’s called STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN? RENAME this piece of shit if you’re going to use character outside the Street Fighters franchise for the love of that is all good! This game should be called CAPCOM X NAMCO THE FIGHTING or the like. To those who are uninitiated, Namco X Capcom was a cross-over role playing game from Monolith, who worked on Xenosaga and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Saga Endless Frontier. SFxT clearly continues the same trend, THEN why, oh why they just can’t name it properly!?

OK, we’re getting Mega Man. And PacMan. And both are going to be fucking joke characters if all signs are correct. The joke about Bad Boxart Mega Man is quite literally over decade old. Internet made into a meme and only recently the Japanese got it. Jesus Christ CAPCOM, we’re asking you to give us proper Mega Man in a fighting game (WHY THE HELL HE ISN’T IN MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 IF HE IS YOUR UNOFFICIAL MASCOT?) rather than Zero or any other red side character. We’d take Mega Man or Mega Man X. Either one is fine. Christ CAPCOM, Mega Man X was the most requested character by a poll in your own site. Sure, the poll was put up by a fan, but why the hell every other character in the poll got in? Now you put Mega Man in as a goddam joke. Either this is extremely elaborate way to stir up the audience, or whoever is has the final word on the cast is a fucking idiot who needs to be neutered and all of his seeds cleansed off from the world.

I understand CAPCOM. You wan to kill Mega Man off completely. You want to lose shitloads of money from one of the most devoted fandom there is.
Do yourself a favour, and to the fanbase, and do not put Bad Boxart Mega Man into SFxT. Put Mega Man X into it and make him a high tier character. Then, stop. Don’t say anything about Mega Man, don’t hint anything about him, just let it die. You’ve already killed him. Just let Mega Man rest in his grave.

While you’re at it, leave Darkstalkers be. Never look back at Rival Schools or any of the actually pretty fucking good games and franchises you’ve forgotten.

I’ve had enough with this shit. Fuck you CAPCOM.

This, dear readers, is an example of companies a) not getting their audience b) dicking around with their audience c) both previously mentioned. It’s not good service. CAPCOM is NOT the ones deciding whether or not this is a good cast. It’s the audience that will tell them either fuck their asses with a steel pole, or that it could be better. CAPCOM doesn’t decide whether or not their game is good, the goddamn audience does because we’re the one with the money you want.
And if you want my money, stop circlejerking in the fucking office and start making games that we want to buy.

I’m actually expecting the day when CPACOM’s in financial troubles because of underselling games. Perhaps then they might change a little…

In other news, HUDSON’s going to finally die. It sad thing to see a great, great company dying like this. Hudson, rest in peace. I will miss you.

I need to take a shower and punch some walls. Perhaps stab me a dinner. Crack open a bear and drink it. Then dispose of the bear because it’s illegal without a license.

And in a long fucking time I have the feeling that I could jug shitloads of alcohol into my system and scream at the Moon.