Yuzo Koshiro at MAGfest

So, the living legend Yuzo Koshiro will be at MAGfest.

Yuzo Koshiro without a doubt is one of the most important persons in video game music. Koshiro was one of the first musicians who went from bleeps and bloop, from small jingles and tunes to full blown music with FM Synth.

Koshiro mastered his craft as time progressed, but his master Joe Hisashi has been a great influence to Koshiro. However, Koshiro found his own way in crafting music, which made him the legend he is today.

Koshiro is most known for his Street of Rage and Shinobi music, but his most influential music do come from PC-88 with Ys, The Scheme and Misty Blue. This man isn’t just an artist, the man’s a master craftsman.

If you’re anywhere near Washington during MAGfest (and I mean anywhere near as in anywhere on the same continent) do yourself, and to me, a favour and go MAGfest and listen to him. Because damnit, it’s Yuzo Koshiro.