Gerry Anderson, 1929-2012

Now there was a guy who worked with marionettes. He made a lot of science fiction shows and engineered practical special effects to certain level of finesse for TV from the 50’s all the way to 80’s, and some 90’s and 00’s as well. He made effects and stories that defined television and pop-culture of the time, and we can still see the effects of the man’s work even these days. Now 2012, with its last gasps for air, decided to strike few times more.

Timeless opening, timeless song

Gerry Anderson is my childhood hero. The shows he worked on are a solid part of my childhood, from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet to Space:1999. These shows are still excellent and are one of the best examples of dolls becoming alive and people making these inanimate things seem like real people. Under his supervision we could see natural disasters modelled like in small scale, see the destructive power of small explosions thrown into insane sizes.

I’m really a big fan of the original Thunderbirds and Space:1999. Anderson’s shows alongside with Toho’s Godzilla films made me fall in love with pop-sci designs and practical special effects. The fact is that a lot of the practical effects are far more believable because they have been there; they existed there at that moment. CGI will always look like fake until they manage to make it real.

Goddammit 2012, you just had to take two victims before you die? I’m just going to jinx everything, but if things are going to go like this, we’ll be reading about the deaths of Stan Lee and Shigeru Miyamoto next year. I’m just going to watch some Space:1999 and let’s call it a post, k?