Karaoke Joysound DX; buying Tickets from Japan

Karaoke Joysound Deluxe is a karaoke game for the Wii that has 70 songs directly on the disc. The games of the series has possibility to connect to the Internet in order to stream over 6 000 karaoke songs directly to your Wii. It’s meaningless to say that this makes Wii the best possible karaoke machine on the market.

However, the game is Japanese and thus it shows quite a lot of problems for us Eurofolks. Sure, circumveting region coding isn’t a problem for even the least of techs savvys out there. However, the other major thing here is a problem that needs to be solved; how to purchase the tickets in order to access the streaming service?

The answer lies within the Shopping Channel your Wii has. Using a tool known as AnyRegion Changer you can change the region code in your Wii Shopping Channel. However, before this you have to delete your account from the Wii’s memory in order to access the Japanese Shopping Channel. This is because Nintendo doesn’t like switching Wii points around regions, or people messing around like this…
After the Shopping Channel’s region has been changed to 1 ie. Japan, you can purchase Japanese Wii Points to buy Tickets that allow you to sing certain time via Joysound game.

Console Area Settings, Language settings etc. are irrelevant; the only thing that matters is what region your Wii Shoppin Channel is.

Check their official site for the songs. There’s PDF files whenever they update the servers with new songs, so you might want to check the out regularly. At the moment there is overt 65 000 songs in their selection, from very old classics to modern anime songs like Aimo. When we start comparing this to any other karaoke software out there, Karaoke Joysound comes at top simply because it has such high amount of songs. Those who enjoy karaoke at its best, and can’t go to Japan, will find this little piece of software extremely pleasing. Take few drinks, bunch of friends and get singing.

And for now, something completely different.