Music of the Month; Emergency Order

Originally I was supposed to have Kohmi Hirose’s Mou Icho Mou Ichido here, but then thing went to shit with basically everything, so after spending another unhealthy time with Dariusburst CS, decided to throw this up instead.

Anyway, that time of the month, incoherent rambling and empty planning ahead.

With E3 coming up, I’ll try to return to form and comment more on events in video game industry as I used to. I lowered the amount of comment on news and such because they began to become pretty damn repetitive, but seeing that was the initial foray to stuff, I think I must do at least an effort to add something different to the whole deal.

The monthly trinity is still undecided, but I’ll most likely start one next week. They’ve become increasingly difficult in this very, very short time I’ve been doing them. The Breakout one is still the best out of them. I also need to think a name for this series, something about Theme three or the like. I just may be that lazy and use that, and edit that in for easier access via Tags.

Now that I think of it, I may have a good idea for a topic; Mega Man, Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Battle Network. These three depict the three different major gameplay styles that the franchise has seen, and perhaps taking a step back and looking at them in the context of their era might be a good one. Maybe I should do further Mega Man posts in the wake of the upcoming cartoon, of which I’ve discussed whenever something new has popped up.

You’ve may also noticed that I’ve started to put titles in italics. I’m not sure why I’m doing so, but I’m telling myself it helps to differentiate when I’m talking about a franchise, series or just characters. For example, when talking about the Deadpool movie, it’s in italics. When I’m talking about Deadpool the character, I’m leaving it as is. If that bothers you, tough luck.

This month’s review is still open, but seeing my camera died just before I had a photographer’s gig, I had to get the one that fit my then-current budget. You’ll most likely see a review for a Nikon D3300 by the end of the month, unless I decide to do the easy way and review a video game. Haven’t done that in a while.

Speaking of reviews, I am incredibly uncertain how the previous two came together. I am not pleased in them at all, especially not at the keyboard one. They feel empty and a lot of hot air, not brining anything to the table, and worst of all, being more or less subjective from the get go. I may have a need to review something that’s more in my field, like a whetstone, a set of markers or the like. Maybe I’ll finally tackle video game console design reviews, because those are generally speaking rare. You have descriptions yes, but nobody really wants to talk if a console has an eye pleasing design, unless it’s something that stands out. Like the US Super Nintendo that looks like a rat’s ass when compared to the candy bright JPN and PAL region design.

I’m also seriously considering doing a lengthy post about Tom Rothman and the massive amounts of franchise crippling decisions he did with FOX until he was moved to SONY… where he first slashed the budget of the reboot Ghostbusters, effectively screwing its visuals to hell. Just as some small tidbits I recall from the top of my head, he was against both Titanic and Avatar, said not to Alien 5 because of Aliens vs Predator movies, has slashed budget of numerous genre movies, opposed Deadpool as long as he could and said no to Independence Day sequel despite it making shittons of money. He also greenlit the 2015 Fantastic Four. Rothman’s reign at FOX was a very tight one, and FOX didn’t really see any losses because they didn’t really spend any money either. Midnight’s Edge has a lot of videos about behind the scenes events concerning Rothman, and these bits are worth your time, if you want to know more than you’re intended to. I recommend checking their Trankgate series first and foremost.

From the Muv-Luv front, there’s nothing much to say. We had another podcast episode with Alternative Projects staff, this time live on Youtube. It’s uh… what it is. Seems like people preferred this live format, and if you’ve interested in them, we’ll most likely use this as the standard from now on, whenever we get to it. I need to figure out how to use the whole Google Hangout better and start to announce times for th podcast earlier, but that’s neither here or there now. You’ll find me rambling on things more often on Twitter, to which I’ll most likely drop the announcements. Or via AltPro, I’m not sure. Things are still completely open. Things are going well enough with the whole translation project from what I’ve seen, but I’m more comfortable talking about that on the podcast, because there I can speak more freely in comparison and not feel like I’m leaking info out. Not that Degica or âge/ixtl have me in their pocket, I’m free to do whatever the hell I please, but I’m not one for burning bridges with friends.

I’ve got no idea if I will do a TSF comparison this month, neither do I know what the Mecha design post will be about. Most likely panel lines and why they exist in probably in-universe production.