Misadventuring got a whole lot cheaper

Are people willing to pay out few hundred dollars for The Misadventure of Tron Bonne? I’m looking up on the prices, and the game goes anywhere between 50 and 300€, and that’s far too much for the game.

I bought the game years back, and lost it somewhere. So I bought another one. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a game that’s valued for its rarity and connection to the Mega Man Legends rather than for what it is. It’s a minigame collection, and while some of the minigames have a nice meat to the them, the game does show that it had a budget hit somewhere down in the line. Nevertheless, the game comes out as a high end product with one of the better voice acting we’ve seen in video games alongside overall well polished gameplay with some problems.

In 2015, the gameplay of Legends series games doesn’t really match up despite that polish. Mega Man Legends games, despite being overall well designed, are rather troublesome pieces to handle with somewhat unrefined controls and battles that can be solved by circling the enemy. As mentioned above, the game is more famous for being expensive as hell rather than for its contents. Then again, who am I to say? I liked the game so much that I bought it twice. Didn’t play more than 20€ the first time it was released, and for £5.99 from Amazon in 2009. It’s almost amazing how much a game’s price can creep in so much in relatively short period of time. The digital re-release should bring the prices down, but knowing how stuck-up the sellers and buyers are, nothing will change.

With the recent US PSN release, the Americolas now can get the game cheaper than ever. For $5.99 you can now access a game people are selling (but hopefully not buying) for a hundred dollars. Then again, if language isn’t a problem for you, the game has been available in the Japanese PSN for some time now for 617¥. That’s about 4.60€. I’m still rooting for an European PSN release, but I am a bit hesitant on that. I can’t really say go and buy it as the game will bore some just as much as it delivers enjoyment for some. For Legends/ DASH fans, it’s great fanservice and shows how strong the world building for Legends was. Legends in general plays out like a Saturday morning cartoon, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is no different.

Let’s not kid around this; the charm of Legends as a franchise has been in its characters, setting and the way every thing’s playing out. Adapting it as a cartoon would be very easy with or without a Week of the Monster format. It’s no wonder Mega Man Battle Network became popular enough to get a cartoon made out of it, even if it does show its low budget quality. The Casketts and the Bonnes have a strong flavour to them and either ones would be able to carry our a whole show on their own.

Nevertheless, what does this release amount to? I’m sure CAPCOM is making some money out of it, despite having all those legals troubles with Legends series’ voice actors. I don’t want to be so jaded to say that this amounts to nothing this time, but that’s what it is. CAPCOM knows there’s a marginal amount of people are still interested and invested in the Legends franchise and Mega Man as whole, and rereleasing these titles is a good way to make some bucks out of it. I can support that. The more people have access to these games is always good, but perhaps it would’ve served the overall franchise and Mega Man brand better to push these titles out before Legends 3 development began.

It’s sort of sad to see the Legends die out in a whimper. Those who worked on the series loved it and wanted it to become as loved by the consumers. Even Reika Morishita supported the development of third game Legends series by remixing her Another Sun and Anata no Kaze ga Fuku Kara. It can be argued which versions are better, but her voice still carries a great tone. Unfortunately, the customer did not love Legends as much and it’s easy to understand why. When you say Mega Man, there is a certain set of ideas and concept set in stone the very first moment, and Legends broke away from those ideas. It was the first 3D Mega Man, and perhaps it was fated to become a sort of sacrificial lamb. Battle Network still broke the same rules, but managed to strike the perfect balance with audience with its whole new style of quick and tactical gameplay in a way Legends just couldn’t.

Somewhere out there is a possibility of Legends revival. What such thing would require are money, cheaper production and someone with enough zeal and dedication to it through despite everything being against him. We can vote with our wallets, at least.