Battle Mania Daiginjou Manual Scans

This post is to archive scans for Vic Tokai’s 1993 Sega Mega Drive game Battle Mania Daiginjou‘s cover and manual. These scans are presented in 600dpi.

Returning to an older direction

Project X Zone is a crossover RPG game with similar starting points as Namco X CAPCOM. The X here is pronounced cross. That’s not what’s important here. What’s important that Mega Man X got in, and they’re using his older art direction. Whoever in MonolithSoft decided this knows Mega Man better than CAPCOM.

Specifically, that’s Mega Man X4 era design, thou the PlayStation art direction in general doesn’t change between the games. Well, more accurately they’re basing everything X and Zero does on their X4 incarnations. Notice the Frost Tower, Twin Slasher and Zero’s Raijingeki.

For that simple reason, let’s listen to a song that originally made me learn moonlanguage.