Shuhei Yoshida’s reason why Vita failed barks at the wrong tree

At EGX, the president of SONY computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios said that you shouldn’t hold your breath for the successor.

He blames the demise of the Vita on smartphones. This is wrong. The reason the Vita failed is because it had only one game that pulled people in, and that was Gravity Rush. Now that it’s getting ported to the PS4, on which the sequel will appear on as well, they’ve made the killing blow themselves. Where the hell was this push towards the Gravity Rush franchise when it was new? Where was the upcoming TV adaptation when it and Vita were young? They doomed the handheld console with their inaction above all else.

Being free or being free to start is what people may look from a smartphone game, yes. That is not what people are looking from a handheld console game. Look at the GameBoy and the DS. Both libraries are filled with games that are pleasure to play on the go, and both offer large games for the hardcore to go into. The Vita has absolutely nothing special to offer. What it suffered from was the lack of quality games and support from SONY.

Yoshida may be a fan of the Vita, claiming that they at Sony worked on the design extensively to make the console the best. He is wrong that touch-based games trump over sticks and buttons, as it’s up to game design how any sort of input is being used. Hell, slew the best games have been designed from the hardware up. I like the Vita’s hardware as well, it has one of the best D-Pads I’ve used in a while.

The power and the design of the console means jack shit if there’s nothing to back it up. It’s just a box to play games.

Listening to Yoshida to talk about the PSP and how they wanted to have PS2 level graphics on a big LCD screen on the go. They want to push new technologies on their consoles for the developers to work with. Not a moment he even hints if they stopped to think whether or not these should be used as they are, or if the consumer has a want or need for them.

It’s painfully clear that development in SONY is more concentrated on making toys for the developers to toy around rather than to please consumers.

Why was the DS so popular? It wasn’t because of its touch screen. It was because the games were good and expanded the market. The reason PSP failed against the DS was because it failed to expand the market and had mostly ports and sequels. The Vita has all the PSP’s problems heightened to a new degree, with almost nothing but ports and sequels. Why would anyone buy a console to play these, when the trend has shown how these games keep keep appearing on other platforms all the time?

A console does not sell on potential. It sells on software. The Vita had potential, but it lacked software to make best of it.