King of Fighters XIII First Impressions from a trailer

Goddamnit SNK stop applying techniques I want in and implamenting them in this sad fashion.

KOFXIII looks promising. Fighting looks smooth and very SNK’ish, meaning that a flow of combat has these small moments of staggering. Personally I never cared for it, but after a while you’ll get used to it. The hitboxes seem to be nice and what you can see from a trailer the controls seem to work rather well.
I’ll just say that the visuals are good. Mai’s new sprite makes me look back at yesteryears and think how much she has changed in those little ways. Athena is still equipped with thunderthighs.

No Sumika, I have absolutely nothing against hunderthighs. I preffer them!

Speaking of Mai, she seems to be complete fanservice character (no surprise here) but she seems to be lacking in actual gameplay department a bit. Athena on the other hand looks like she’s getting into my team simply because of her tactics. Learning her moveset and gameplay mechanics will most likely offer a challenge, which I’m more than willing to take.

It’s nice to see returning characters like Vice even thou they’re supposed to be dead in the story, but I find it disappointing that Rugal’s kids are just messing in the backgrounds rather than being playable characters. Perhaps next time, SNK?
I’m especially pleased in with Takuma’s changed sprite and small changes in his actions. The stance is far more different from what it was and gives a whole new level of intimidation to him. For now he looks like a characters I’d play without a doubt simply because he seems to be grumpy old karate master. Let’s hope that Mr. Karate is an unlockable character.

The HUD has to be mentioned for one reason alone; the energy bar. It has small divisions that divide it into ten parts. I don’t know why I love that detail so much. In general, the HUD is clean, clear and sharp, except when it comes to the names. The general gameplay design follows this ideology, but I’d love to see dedicated Character Potraits next to Energy rather than just stock images from selection screen. Add faces that rumble and change expressions according to the fight and you’d have an instant purchase. I think Guilty Gear and or some other game had this once.

Speaking of Guilty Gear, BlazBlue is a horrible mess compared to it.

All in all, KOFXIII seems to be building up quite nicely. Nothing major, but there’s so little to complain about at this point. Let’s just hope that no game breaking bugs sneak in.