Muv-Luv is out on Steam

I feel like pointing this out, even thou most of my readers already are reading it. Muv-Luv’s out.

The question now is; will I be replacing my old screenshots in the previous posts? The answer is… maybe. Most likely a no, because of archival purposes.

If you’re interested to see what’s new and how it looks, I recommend checking the stream I did with Alternative Projects people under ARG podacst banner with some guests.

It’s a been journey. Now just to sit tight and wait for the physicals and Alternative.

And I was actually considering to buy this game

CAPCOM decided to shaft the home console crowd it seems. I’ve yet to meet s fighting game that would work on a handheld console. I lied. Guilty Gear Petit was pretty nice fighting game on the Wonder Swan.

And that’s how a fighting game should be handled on a portable system. They should be adapted and custom made for the system from ground up. Every fighting game on DS and PSP, port or not, suffers from lousy controls, as neither of them are up to the challenge so to speak. PSP controls better than DS in this regard, but the D-Pad and face buttons are retarded on PSP.

This is why I can’t understands why would CAPCOM want PSVita version to be their main version. Seems like SONY and CAPCOM have some sort of close agreement in this matter. Twelve new characters that WILL become DLC for the home consoles is to drive PSV sales higher. Seeing that Nintendo’s going to have rather strong upcoming lineup according to their lviestream (which I’m watching while writing this), PSV will have troubles. Or rather, PSV’s troubles will continue.

Mentioning the Nintendo’s lineup, while it seems strong, it mostly consists of games that are not system sellers. New Fire Emblem has DLC from the get-go, for example.