At least there’s an OCP logo


At least they added the OCP logo and the badge, but why the hell are they the same colour as the rest of the damn suit? They’re supposed to stand out to show that it’s A) an OCP product, and B) it’s a goddamn police officer. The OCP logo by all logic should be coloured like the OCP logo, and the police badge should be gold coloured as per tradition, or whatever colour the modern Detroid’s finest uses. Still, I’m happy to see these logos, even in their current state. I hope they’ll add the colours in post-production.

But the rest of the suit is just… well, that’s the problem; it looks like a suit. It isn’t supposed to be a suit, but a full body prosthetic. One of the worst parts is actually the neck area, which looks like an additional armour, a suit, rather than what a body would have.

The neck area overall looks very inorganic;the parts do not flow from each other at all. It’s like they added these pieces together and called it a day. This part looks just as as fluid as rhino driving a Ferrari. Seems like they also went with bionic right hand for whatever reason. In the original film they cut Murphey’s arm off because OCP wanted it so. That hand, if they really are going for an organic right hand, is the very thing that tells that the the meaning of this film is to go against the original.

If they’re going against the original film, then why make a Robocop movie at all? They should’ve just made a completely new franchise.

Let’s go through the… design from head to knees.
The head is taken from pretty much all the recent sci-fi sources. There’s no reason to have that red line in the helmet, as the whole top part is the visor. But it’s one of the defining traits that Robocop had, and that’s pretty much theonly thing they kept from the original.

Still, the helmet bugs me. Originally Murphy’s face was crafted to a robot skull, thus there wasn’t really anything else of him there. Here it seems that they kept more than the face. I’m not going to say anything about the actor’s appearance, as Robocop could be anyone. He could look a bit paler, a bit more dead. I miss the days when the make-up staff were good enough to make it look like faces were crafted on top of robotic skulls. It adds a lot of depth, which the new one is missing.

There’s a trouble brewing in his chest as well, and in the torso in general. If this design was out there some fifteen years ago, then it would be acceptable. It’s 2012 and we’ve seen this design in games, comics, movies, books and God knows where else. It’s such a generic design that it hurts. It’s like one of those Crysis suits mixed with Iron Man. A lot of people see Batman suit in it, that so that you just need to add the belt, cape, batlogo and the ears, but that works for any black suit.

Also, this is the real Batman.

The same goes for the rest of thesuit really. There’s nothing to say about the rest of the design I haven’t gone through previously, except that the legs are a horrible mess.

The legs are actually the worst region to show the suit part of the… suit. They don’t look likea natural part of the whole body rather than something that was just put on top of a suit underneath. There shouldn’t be any reason to have that kind of look; the body itself should be the armour.

It’s just not Robocop. It has nothing to do with Robocop. It’s like with the American Godzilla movie, or the Super Mario Bros. movie.

It’s said that Robocop was inspired by Japanese tokusatsu show YouTube: Space Sheriff Gavan. The two do look pretty similar, but ultimately different. Gavan’s suit is supposed to attract attention and have that romantic view on law enforcement, kinda.

The same can be said of the original Robocop, but the design is far more utilitarian in a sense, and more believable. Whereas Gavan wears an armour, ‘Robocop’ is a body. The silver is to catch attention, to show that this person is to be feared of. What you see is coming at you, it’s not going to stop until you either surrender, or you’re shot down. There’s no in-between. Making Robocop black is going against the idea of superior law enforcement unit, as Robocop is not a damn SWAT unit.

Now if they made this into a RoboSWAT then the appearance would be far more appreciated and acceptable. The form needs to follow the utility, and this one doesn’t, not even with the colours. Thiscombined with the fact that they’re basically taking an enormous dump on the original doesn’t sing a very positive song.

I wonder why the film studios hate their audience so much?

This film can be salvaged; discard it and start from the scratch.