Music of the Month; Tom Jones edition

I’ve never told you that I am a Tom Jones fan to some extent. I don’t condone idol worship and there are a lot songs from Jones that I don’t care about. I don’t follow his life nor I care. I’m actually amazed whenever I hear that he is still alive. Which is the partial subject of our little post.

With singers and such who perform alone as they are to the audience are in a special position where they are the face of their product. You need excellent showmanship, a good pair of balls and above all, will and experience. Both Tom Jones and Plushenko have all the necessary qualities to capture our attention. Sex Bomb may be Jones’ most famous songs (I wouldn’t know) and Plushenko made it his own as seen above. Now I don’t pretend I know jack shit about figure skating, but I do admit viewing the sport for my own enjoyment, mainly because I admire the skills these people are putting on their skates. That and I have a soft spot for the sport after reading a certain comic about it.

But figure skating or Tom Jones requires zero idol worship from me.

A thing I have grown dislike in modern Nintendo is how they put all the developers, the people, before the company image and not the other way around. During the E3 we were displayed with games that Mister Miyamoto was developing and what these other people were making. They willingly gave face to those we can say screwed up if these games have low sales. In a perfect world, at least, as MIyamoto has given his face to a lot of games that didn’t become hits against his expectations and no true changes in his position has been made. If they wish to be rockstars of the industry, then it’s about the damn time we’re going to start giving the other side of the idol worship as well.

When a company is the one producing your product, the company is the one that should be the first thing the customer thinks. Things inside the company will change and shift. Having complete transparency, like with Nintendo’s rockstar execs, will only undermine the future of the company. What then when Nintendo doesn’t carry the same names anymore? What then? Nintendo will be needing to build a new image at this point.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it is Miyamoto or Sugimoto or Keppänä who does your games. It’s all about the quality of the product. The personal maker shouldn’t matter, because in a product like a video game there’s hundreds of them nowadays.

Anyway, from Monday onwards this shop will be handled by a single person again. My editor will be taking a leave for her own ends for the time being, which may or may not last a year or longer. Expect to see more mistypings and incoherencies from now on more than usual. I still aim to keep the two posts per week rhythm we’ve come to grow so familiar with, thou next weekend most likely won’t see a post because of more pressing matters.

I was intending to discuss how Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida told the press how only 3 or 4 games out of every ten games released makes profit, but I’ll act like a selfish prick this time and come back to it on Tuesday.