A year in development? Really?

So, Sven shared with us that the Darkstalkers Resurrection has been in development for a year. What have they done during that time? What we know of CAPCOM’s policy in game development, it’s most likely that the “planning cycles” Sven mentioned are nothing less than pitches to the company execs since Street Fighter IV.

We know that once CAPCOM deems a series dead (ie. unprofitable)making a comeback with the said series is a more than a bit difficult. We all remember how hard Ono had to fight to get Street Fighter IV to get through, and what a fiasco Mega Man Legends 3 was. Ono himself admitted that the DARKSTALKERS ARE NOT DEAD was a pitch to the execs to get a new game to the series. We safely assume that the “planning cycles” Sven mentioned are nothing more than numerous pitches that the developers made. In the end, the execs went with the cheapest option in comparison to the expenses.

We know that CAPCOM hated Street Fighter IV, and that it became a success. Ono can be credited for this. If we had someone with the same level of love and care during the pitches, I’m sure we would’ve actually had a new and proper Darkstalkers game.

From Legends 3 fiasco we know that CAPCOM doesn’t greenlight games directly. They’ve gone through many steps and they’ve been presented to the execs, who then decide whether or not a game should be allowed to continue to be in development or not. I’m sure cheap and fast as well as cheap were the words that the execs liked a lot when Resurrection went up to them. Did I mentioned that CAPCOM execs like to produce games the cheapest way possible? This is unless they’re greenlighting a game they want to promote.

So, what have they done within this year? Most likely the devs have worked in porting the game code to the HD Twins (which should be easy as PS3 is nothing more than loads of PSP tech on top of each other) and adding tutorial modes and all that kind of stuff.

In all seriousness, what we’ve seen tells a lot. DS Resurrection is most likely very, very similar to all other HD releases. As such, there’s very little value in Resurrection to the customer. CAPCOM recycled Morrigan’s sprite until they had to give her a 3D model. Now it seems they managed to weasel out on of making any new content once more with Resurrection.

Is CAPCOM’s new plan to make ports of their old games to new systems and let the industry dry?

Resurrecting Vampire is a tricky business (that CAPCOM can’t do right)


Make me a favor. No, make yourself a favor as well as to the franchise and do not purchase this product.

This is not a new game. This is just another repacked Darkstalkers compilation similar to the one we had on PSP, which was basically just a port of the Dreamcast compilation with added stuff. This is the problem; we’re getting exactly the same  games over and over again with new modes. But Aalt, Guilty Gear XX got shitloads of rereleases and they added nothing new. No. Guilty Gear XX series saw tweaks, updates, fixes and characteradditions with every new game. These Darkstalkers compilations do not rebalance anything, they add no characters, they do no changes tothe games we got in the 90’s. They’re just repacking them into new wraps and adding shiny bling to attract few new flies to this dung pile they’ve made. I’m more than 100% sure that they won’t even fix the damn YouTube: pushback bug.

Darkstalkers is a difficult series to get into, especially Vampire Saviour. The reason for thisthat the game speed is faster than what people are used to, but for different reasons. The recovery time in VS is very short, and it’s not uncommon to get milled through series of well placed hits and ES moves if you’re not familiar with the system. VS works with very quick and short rounds, rushed based mix-ups that rely on momentum and with unorthodox round system. Even fireballs and dragon punches work differently here; they’re not tools to put pressure on your opponent, but defensive maneuvers that can change the situation for your favor, but only if you manage to time them right and anticipate your opponent’s intents. They also either throw your opponent to the ground, or cause an elongated stun that you may need to continue on.

As such, Darkstalkers is pretty hard to get into if you’ve well into Street Fighter, King of Fighters or the like. May God help you if you come from Tekken or any other 3D fighting game, as you’ll be massacred faster than you can plea for help. Because of this there really isn’t mid-level players in VS. Personally I do regard myself as a rare case of mid-level player, and I’ve only played against people who know nothing about the series and people who handed my ass down faster than a falling meteor. For me it’s a very rare situation to meet a person with the same level of skill. This most likely doesn’t apply for me anymore thou, as it’s been some time since I played VS with my Saturn.

If modern CAPCOM was to make Darkstalkers 4, it would most likely either be complete and utter garbage, or if they manage to get someone like Ono working on it, it just might be pretty damn good. However, the time of fast and complex fighters is over. The special attention Darkstalkers requires is rather large for its weird and complex mechanics. Making a Street Fighter game is relatively easy due to the fundamentally easy core of the series. The same can be said about the King of Fighters and all the derivatives they’ve had. Darkstalkers at its core, especially Vampire Saviour, is not simple at its core, and modern CAPCOM doesn’t have any clue what to do with games that require some actual effort from the game design department outside killing your workers’ health and life. Such a simple thing as inputs need special attention. Darkstalkers have always had rather peculiar inputs that were adopted into other games and have becomemore famous in those circles, like LP-LP-F-LK-HP, which most of you will recognize as Gouki’s/Akuma’s Shun Goku Satsu, but for me it will always be Morrigan’s own EX move.

Guilty Gear is the closest relative to Darkstalkers we have now, and ArcSys has basically abandoned the series. I don’t see anything for GG beyond GGAC+R unless they actually decide to make a completely new installation to of the series.

If you’re adamant on purchasing Darkstalkers Resurrection, I wish that you get the best product possible. Personally I won’t purchase this simply because this offers nothing new. Now if they had made a complete HD remaster as they did with Street Fighter II, I’d be there in a heartbeat. The Darkstalkers series (I really would love to call it the Vampire series) is very pretty series with colourful graphics, great character designs and fluid animation that really deserves to see proper sprite based update, like most CAPCOM fighters. Yet, we all know that if we are to get a new Darkstalkers game, it’ll be either by reusing the existing sprites (AGAIN) or in 3D with very few characters. CAPCOM has stated that because of the nature of the characters, or rather the very weird way they move, attack and overall difficulty in the animations, creating these characters in 3D format is very hard. It’s the transforming parts and all that. Then make it a sprite based game. I’m sure that there would be companies that would be willing to create new sprite sets for the characters loosely based on the VS sprites and you’d be all set.

This rehash won’t uplift Darkstalkers’ status in the eyes of modern gamers. It will stay as that weird fighting game with that one hot vampire chick. Seeing the footage from that one trailer already tells more than enough; they’re just ports. They won’tadd any new content, they won’t add any new characters (actually, most likely they will remove the SoulCopy characters, which would be stupid) and they most certainly won’t fix the broken parts. It’s a sad thing to see series that was once very high profile franchise go down the toilet like this.

I’ve said thisonce before and I’m going to say it again; the Darkstalkers series has gallons of untapped potential. CAPCOM just needs to stop being a stingy bitch about it and let some blood be drawn out, so that this series could reach new heights with a purified soul. Now it’sis not the time to play with cats and dolls, now would be the time search for the saviour that would return all to what once was.

Christ that was bunch of bad jokes. Now excuse me, I need to get the Vampire Hunter LDs.

I never mentioned that the Darkstalkers series also has one of the best ambient soundtracks out there. Tower of Arrogance pops into my head from the bunch. Damn, you really don’t hear this kind of sounds anymore anywhere.