Acting is always better than not doing anything at all

At this moment there are about 968 882 453 unique hostnames on the world wide web you can access. There are about 2 925 249 355 users on the on the web this year. There are about three users per Website with these numbers. Add to this all the individual sites that allow people to post their content and comment on other peoples’ content, and you’ll get web with incredible depth you’ll never be able to see in your lifetime. There are more users you will ever have to chance to discuss with, there are more content put on the Internet every second than you can read in a week. There are 9 019 Tweets made every second, 1 994 Instagram photos uploaded every second, 1 882 Tumblr posts made, 1 725 Skype calls, 48 468 Google searches, 2 388 445 email’s sent with most of them being spam and the overall traffic of the Internet is 26 976GB, all in one second. That’s helluva lot of information being passed on, read or watched. Better yet; all that keep rising all the time.

It’s almost unthinkable task to voice yourself on the world wide web, and yet people are making their living on that.

As individuals we are just one, we all know that. On any larger scale, we’re absolutely nothing, just another person walking on the streets. Yes, that goes to any one of us. When we pull things together, incredible things happen. We are able to build structures that defy the heavens, we are able to move the mountains, fly over the horizons and even reach the Moon. We are able to elect a parliament to represent the people, but only if we choose to act.

This is my extremely roundabout way of telling you we had parliament election day today, and 70% of the people with voting rights went to the polling stations. While that number is by all means better than anything less, it’s still a bit less than what I’d personally like to see.

But as said, nothing can be done if one doesn’t act. Voting in proper democratic elections is an extremely small task, but something that can have extremely large impact. Some do always argue that voting won’t change a thing. This is, of course, bullshit. One vote can make a difference, and seeing that 30% didn’t vote at all. If these uncast votes would’ve been made, you don’t know how things would’ve turned out. Ifs are worth nothing afterwards, you can only learn from them. Thou voters always seem to make the juvenile joke about how they have now gained the right to complain about who their government is screwing up.

Voting is a simple example for sure.

It is practically impossible to affect everybody on the internet, and it will only get harder with time. Then again, you don’t need to.

There are only handful of websites that cater to everybody. Even then, some of these are off limits or otherwise can’t be accessed. Sites like eBay and Amazon are worldwide services that didn’t happen overnight, although I would almost say that about Amazon. Stores are universal across the world, and when a store has almost everything you may want or need, it’s going to be successful.

Not everybody can’t be like modern day Amazon. However, the Internet is still full of possibilities that just either needs to be tapped, or a need must be created.

While creating a need sounds like come sort of corporate bullshit, it’s a legit approach in design. There are things that we are still lacking in our everyday lives, but we are not aware of them. Like with the example of pasta sauce, where people thought they knew what they wanted, but in reality they wanted it to be chunkier rather than completely runny. Some on the other hand want the pasta sauce to stick to the pasta, while some want it to just pass the pasta and be its own thing.

The Internet user is no different in this regard. We usually wonder through the exact same times day out and day in, varying never really straying off from our small circles of interest. If you have hundreds of sites you go through daily basis, that is still absolutely miniscule amount of sites that may be relative to your interest. The same applies to each and every of us. To have your website, your product to hit the general consciousness of your possible consumer base needs advertising. Positive word of mouth is the best advertising you can have on the Internet, and it best to allow the few consumer you may first have to spread the information they have willingly rather than hire some other people to spread positive information on your product. This will always come out at some point. It’s biding your time and providing good service with good products, especially so when your product is a service.

Despite the world wide web’s statistics, not everything has been invented, created or fulfilled. Often you hear someone telling you that everything has been already invented, but in actuality that’s simply largely accepted false idea. Time brings new ideas that need to be invented and created. Somebody just has to be the one acting on the possibilities.

Returning to the numbers game again, it has to be emphasized that not everybody needs to be in your consumer base, because that is practically impossible. This is vastly different from the Gamers are dead articles from last year, where the video game press attacked pre-established consumer base. GamerGate is actually an example how one person acted, and thus allowed the gears of a machine to turn. Because of that, multiple sites that either lacked or had lacking ethics policies now have re-written them and put them into action. In a sense, the consumer movement has achieved its first and foremost goals, but that doesn’t meant the movement ends there. This sort of things will require more time and careful observation to ensure that the changes stuck with the industry.

More often than not, it is better to act than wonder what would’ve come if you had acted. Y’know what they say; it’s better love and lose, than not love at all.

Then again, sometimes the action that needs to be taken is not so apparent, as well know from experiences.

Let’s finish this with a small bit of music. I’ll talk more about video games and giant robots next week.