Music of the Month; ZANMAI

I just keep forgetting about this. Without further adieu, here’s the selected track of the month. Turn your volume up to eleven.

I wanted the theme for this month to be both melodic and striking, and luckily Ys Zanmai had the perfect track for this. We can argue if this is or isn’t the best track on the disc, but Ys music is starting to be a bit overused, and Feena’s theme has seen perfection already. The only way it can be made any better is by having a virgin maiden voicing it with complete honesty and out of love towards an equally pure young man while a guardian, a veteran of many wars, plays the harmonica with his hands that have seen and felt more blood than anyone else on this earth.

Things are a bit hectic at the moment. By this I mean that I’m falling behind all of my schedules, but I intend to push out at least three posts until the end of next week. That’s +1 post to the normal quota I try to keep up as much as I can.

But as for now, do enjoy the music and the upcoming summer. Next month we need a bit more fresher tunes.