Music of the Month; Zoolook

In honestly had no music chosen for the month because nothing really has popped up that would colour the idea the starting the autumn season and getting back to work. Maybe there is, now that I think of it.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard this song, it was largely sampled into Captain Blood‘s intro sequence. Just be sure to listen to the end


Before you get into the whole nitty gritty and draggin yourself back into the wheel that is work, eat, sleep repeat, remember to sharper your knives. Makes making those dinners etc faster and more safer than withaa dull knife, assuming you won’t avert your attention from the news.

With the previous post, the Hori Mini Pad for Switch review, was the first time I gave Wordress’ Block editor a go. It’s a system where you grab and drag blocks around, each blocking having their own stuff about them. Well, that turned out to be a disaster in itself. The system is unintuitive and hampers your workflow if you just want to sit down and type down something rather than create a whole new page. At some point I will end up changing the theme for the blog, but that’s something that’ll happen sometime next year. So, apologies for double messages, if people got ’em. Should not happen again, as I’d rather fuck off to another blogging site rather than use Block editor again. The reason the post went online on Saturday rather than Sunday was because my yearly leave ended on Sunday and I wanted to spent that day without thinking much about the blog.

In more relevant matters, Muv-Luv photonmeldies is now on Steam. If you missed the Kickstarter few years back, this is the last bit, before we forage into more unknown lands. With the Kickstarter and both Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken TV-adaptations localised, the Western fandom has expanded and found content providers more worthwhile on tackling various subjects and covering the franchise overall. While I still intend to continue with the TSF -plane comparisons at a later date (the issue still is with the lack of visual materials for some of the TFS I really would like to cover) as well as cover topics and themes that don’t get discussed too often, like with the Artificial Intelligence posts (can be found in the âge related posts, link above), I must admit that I have found myself falling into out from this niche. To say, some Youtubers and the other bloggers have taken the torch and ran with it. I don’t exactly mind it, I have no want to capitalise on something, even if it would probably bring in more readers or such. The question is of course When? and I honestly have no answer to it. I’ll have to regain that drive to cover those at some point, but at this moment I am still trying to excavate old magazines to archive.

Have I ever told you this is my single favourite piece made for ML? I probably have, but it’s still neat as well.

As for the blog overall, with further inspection and consideration, I’ll be letting more Wednesday’s posts go by. Certain necessities have risen up recently that will take my attention away about every other day as well as the need to continue a certain scanning project that is sorely late, dismissing one of the two weekly posts if necessary is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. However, as said, this happens if it is only necessary. On the other hand, Wednesday’s post should probably be considered as the Weekday posts, as it probably is better just to make one when I have the time for it, and a good idea. We can discuss if I ever had good ideas and have botched any decent ones I’ve had.


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