Gift ideas

I can’t say that I have not enjoyed the modern commercialized Christmas. A lot of us do and a lot us don’t. We have the songs, the Coca Cola and the presents. I do enjoy the songs and I do enjoy Coke, but presents are a hassle most of the time either way. Getting presents is nice, and giving presents is nice too. Let’s talk about presents.

Generally speaking, giving presents is seen as a selfless act. Somebody goes to certain lengths in order to get you a present. This one person thinks hard in order to get an idea what to get to you, what the present would tell about what you mean to this person and perhaps it might even have some utilitarian use. But we all know that this is not the reality. The crude reality is that a lot of people just get presents because that’s the custom; that’s what people do. There’s no feeling embed in these gifts.

Then again we have the other side of thea coin. As presents are something that are supposed to be from the giver, there are numerous children and child-like adults who give out lists of possible presents. Lists that are basically This is what I want, go get them to me. This is utterly pointless. It’s stupid and inane. Gift lists, while a nice idea, completely defeat the the point of giving gifts. You might as well give money as a present, which really is the coldest form of gift one can give to another. Giving used stuff, unless with great emotional attachment, is really a dick move to do. Then again, sometimes you might have something laying around you know will please the person you’re trying to think a gif for. I’d like to ask my readers that if they get a gift list from someone, use this list a reference what kind of present to buy rather than looking at the list and picking something off from there.

It’s rather interesting to think that gift lists are a common habit in various households. It demands no thinking, and that’s pretty bad when it comes to giving out gifts. Asking directly what people would like to have as a gift isn’t anything bad, it still shows concern, but reading a list?

Generally speaking, I do not give presents or gifts. During this last year I’ve given four presents to selected few. I do not really wish to purchase anything from the store, as I can make something as an artisan. I’ve made candles, candle holders and jewellery out of steel and stone, and sometimes I give out a free service as a present. This service varies from sharpening one’s knives to giving out a free-of-choice ticket. I’ve found that people do like these more than some “mere” object. As such, I really enjoy giving out gifts, as there’s a lot of me in them, and I’ve invested something from me in there.

Naturally, not all people can bang some silver into a ring. Purchasing a product is the next best option. Don’t know what to get for your friend/loved one? There’s no shame in asking around your friend circle what would be the best present. Knowing the person you’re getting the present for is not usually enough, you need to know certain nuances, and different people see different nuances. If your friend is an idiot and starts babbling around OH I GAVE THE IDEA then there’s something wrong with this person.

Giving out gifts shouldn’t be politics either. Expecting to get gifts if you give out gifts, or assuming that your gifts means that the other person is in debt for you, is completely wrong way to approach it. I know few people who outright expect to get presents for giving out presents. Then, we have people who resell presents onwards and actually tell you that they made money on your present on an online auction. It is true that when the gift leaves your hands, it is his to decide what to do with it. It’s still insulting to voice what you did to the present in a rude manner.

Why the hell did I start complaining about the lack of manners people have? Here’s the reason; most artists and devs regard themselves as gifts to the world. We all know they aren’t. However, you as the customer are.

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