Review of the Month; the rest of Metal Gears

I honestly took too long to continue the previous Metal Gear review. This time it will fill both mecha design talk and review spot of the month, because this really has been a month where things just have gone all the wrong ways, and will continue to do so for the new few months. I’m also adding this and the previous entry to Robot related materials page you can access above the banner.

Anyway, we’ll do things like last time. Go through the games in release order and review them as-is. The Metal Gears in this entry are now considered to be unrelated to the main series games, thou seeing how retarded those design went in the end, I wouldn’t mind just shoving these in just because. They will be reviewed as both standalone entries, and how they relate to any of the mainstream series entries or to each other, if applicable. I will not go over Unmanned Gears here, as they’re not the title mechas, but I will include EXCELSUS in this one, because it didn’t appear in the previous entry.

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Music of the Month; Dolby headphone edition

As the title says, use headphones or earphones to listen to these. This piece has been mixed to be listened with those on

Ah, free falling post time again.
The next few months, or rather the rest of the year, will be an interesting time for me that will decide few things how my personal future will shape up. Not to say much more about it, but as usual personal things can have an impact on the blog, even thou I will aim to minimise that.

Anyways, there’s already some plans for this month. It’ll be Langrisser Re:Incarnation. I’m dropping Tensei from the name, because Tensei (転生) would mean Reincarnation when translated. I understand that it’s there to explain to the Japanese the English in the title, but essentially for whoever understands both languages, you now have a title that says reincarnation twice. That’s just silly.  To shorten it down even more, I’ll most likely start using Re:Langisser moniker for it. The review will be out whenever I manage to be comfortable with the progression of the game and write it as I play through it. It’s not my thing to blow strategy games open and play them through in just a few days, especially with a slow burn games like Langrisser. I have other things to do as well, I can’t just sit on my ass all day all day long. The music’s absolutely awesome thou, and a favourite track of mine, Neo Holy War, found its place as the Battle Results music. Langrisser has always been a place for rather energetic music, ever since the first game. No, let’s not talk about the Elthlead series, those should be a post of their own. A series that pioneered the fantasy strategy simulation genre should have a post of its own, thou first I would need to actually go through the games before saying much more about it. Much like a lot of  80’s Japanese strategy games, the first Elthlead is a bit hard to get into.

Metal Gear Solid V got released yesterday, and it’s a game series I’ve given a pass mostly because I have a same thing with it as with Mega Man. I’ve been with the series since the NES games, and while revisionist fans will cry out both the NES version and Snake’s Revenge, coming from those two I remember snickering at the first Solid game for doing the whole long lost brother, psychic Russian and you’re a clone twist. The more entries the series has seen, the more laughable has the stories gone, and now we’re at a point we’re at a point that story is largely irrelevant. The series had always relatively strong gameplay, and that’s something I’ve always been more interested than what pseudo-intellectual bullshit the writers are pushing. I have to say, if I would have to choose a game from the series that I would replay for the plot, it’d be GameBoy Colour’s Solid/Ghost Babel. It also has IdeaSpy 2.5, which is a fun little romp to read through.

I don’t have any plans to go through the rest of the Metal Gears designs this month, mostly because I haven’t pushed out any Tactical Surface Fighter comparisons out as of late. Then again, the podcast did keep me busy on Muv-Luv front.

Speaking of Muv-Luv, the Kickstarter is coming and we’re going to have to see how it’ll go. I’ll most likely going to have a live stream on Youtube or something with some of the Alternative Projects people when the Kickstarter goes online just to chat about it. I’ll most likely announce when it will go live on Twitter. If not that, then at least a celebratory extra podcast that won’t be edited at all.

The test podcast was fun to make, but it added quite a lot of workload. We need to discuss how we’re going to continue with it, and if we make it just simply about Muv-Luv, you won’t see any of it in this blog anymore.