Music of the Month; Flower Girl

I was supposed to leave this month’s music until next week, but things never go as I planned. Nevertheless it’s that time again, let’s discuss some things that may or may not solidify this month and then some.

I’ve yet to have an idea what this month’s theme will be with the three sequential posts. Remakes seems to be a logical continuation from last month’s Franchises-that-tried-kids-stuff. That, or turn it around, and check children’s franchises that dabbled into adult territory, but that might just end up being discussion about modern state of comics. That is a discussion for someone else.

TSF comparison will be F-15 Eagle. F-15E Strike Eagle, will serve as the base image for the TSF, as there is no changes to the design between the base F-15 variants on the outside, par paintjobs and markings. Starting from F-15 ACTV things start to change, and I’d consider that a separate comparisons entry altogether.

Adding to the Muv-Luv matters, we had a podcast with the BETA as the subject. You can check that and the rest of what we’ve had thus far here. Sacchi was a roll on this one. Whenever the next one is up is up to a question, and subject is still open.

No idea what the review topic will be, I admit halfassing last month’s, but I guess it would be about time I fulfil my promise to review G710+ keyboard. I’m still hesitant on doing game reviews, as I don’t see them adding much to the pool, unless something exceptionally good or bad comes to my way. That, and people seem to enjoy video reviews more than text. Doesn’t that for all reviews though?

There has been a lot of discussion about Nintendo and SONY, especially about the NX and its release date, and how much SONY is making on PSN alone based on the news bit they released just recently. I haven’t had the time to go through all that yet due to being away for the last few days, but I’ll have to give it a more throughout look whenever I have the chance. Or rather, if I have.

I had planned another post before the week was out, but as said, things got in my way, so I’ll just condense it all here.

Remember how bold Nintendo was ten years ago with the Wii, and even more so with the DS? Now Nintendo is silent, not saying a thing about the NX or its games outside delaying whatever Zelda was supposed to come out. Nintendo has a history of standing tall with their products prior the release. Now we basically have just conjectures and other random tidbits of information spread around, from both Nintendo and other sources, but we’ve yet to have any solid on the NX itself, just some of its services.

Any company with such history in an industry should be afraid of that very history. Until Virtual Boy, Nintendo had no real failures on the larger hardware department. N64 and GameCube were less successful, and that came down to lack of games. The DS had a rough start when it came to software, as they were treating it like a portable N64, but that changed when Nintendo began to treat it as portable SNES. However, the 3DS has always been treated like a portable GameCube, and has suffered from it. The Wii was like a NES 2.0, but Wii U was more along the lines if GameCube 2.0 instead of NES 3.0. Nintendo could’ve changed the direction the Wii U was going for, like they did with the DS, but that wasn’t to be.

Nintendo showed with the Wii U that they have troubles conveying what they mean to the audience. I have criticised their decision to have a Japanese man speaking in broken English to the audience in their streams. They should do away with that, and have Reggie talking in straight, plain English that is easy to understand. The initial Wii U showcase is an example if Nintendo fucking this up, as people thought the pad controller was an add-on to the Wii. They don’t want to repeat that, or the lousy marketing they did with the Wii U in general.

If the NX is as different as the rumours say it is, and that Nintendo wants to properly show what sort of machine it is and how it functions, they need to consider two things; who they will replace Japanese businessmen as the spokesperson, and whether or not it is worth to have NX as complex service system as it is built to be?

I’m not surprised that the PS4 is the market leader at this time. The Wii U has no games that attract consumers and neither does the Xbox ONE. I sound like a broken clock with this one, but the hardware doesn’t matter, only the software. The one console that always wins its generation has been the one with most games. It’s the library that counts, and the more you have to choose from, the more consumers will pick the console up.  As much as the industry and the core audience hates to admit to this, companies are in to make money, and competing in a dwindling environment requires expanding the market. I have been called out as someone who hates small niche audiences, but that’s often the opposite. A niche crowd hit, a cult hit, is the best way to launch any product or brand to fame. Often it starts small, and when done well, it can become massive, if handled right.

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